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Below are video tutorials that focus on important research processes.  Please note that at the end of each tutorial are embedded links to further tutorials on the subject.

Still need additional guidance? Check our our Tutorials page for a complete listing of video tutorials.  Additionally, search through our Research Guides or Treatise Finders to find further assistance on the research process and subject-specific support.

Secondary Sources

Running time: 1:27 minutes

Created/updated: January 2019
Last reviewed: January 2019


Running time: 2:56 minutes

Created/updated: April 2019
Last reviewed: July 2020 - current through the 21st edition with the caveat that it is no longer necessary to include a date in citations to the current U.S. Code

Administrative Law

Running time: 6:48 minutes

Created/updated: August 2016
Last reviewed: May 2018

Treaty Research

Running time: 8:44 minutes

Created/updated: March 2019
Last reviewed: March 2019

Case Law

Running time: 3:01 minutes

Created/updated: July 2019
Last reviewed: July 2019

Legislative History

Running time: 1:39 minutes

Created/updated: August 2017
Last reviewed: May 2018

Statutory Research

Running time: 4:02 minutes

Created/updated: January 2019
Last reviewed: January 2019

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