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Guide listing resources for faculty research assistants


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For Research Assistants

This guide is designed to provide basic information on library services and policies for research assistants (RAs) at Georgetown Law.

Assistance & Training

  • Training: At the beginning of each semester and summer, the library offers training for new RAs. The training is announced through a student-wide email as well as through the Office of Student Life's weekly events email. For questions about the library training for RAs, contact Sara Burriesci in Library Research Services.

Printing & Photocopying

  • Photocopying and Printing: RAs are issued a special card for photocopying and printing. Please go to the Payroll Office (McDonough Room 583) to get the "Authorization for GoCard Photocopying for Research Assistants" form. This must be signed by the faculty member then taken back to the Payroll Office.  Next, go to the Office of Faculty Support, McDonough Room 475, 202-662-9280, to obtain the "Research Assistant GoCard / Departmental Printing Card Release Form." With completion of the form, the RA  is issued a Departmental Copy Card to use for both photocopying and printing. To print with these cards, RAs must use the Debit Card Print Stations.
  • Color Printing and Photocopying Service: Available through Faculty Support Office, McDonough Room 475, Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM.

Checking Out Books & Interlibrary Loan

  • From the Law Library: To check out books in a professor's name, RAs must complete the Faculty Research Assistant Authorization Form, available at the Williams Circulation Desk or online (PDF download). Have the professor sign the form and return it to the Circulation Desk.
  • From Main Campus: RAs may borrow books from the main campus libraries in their professor's name.
  1. Complete the proxy privileges form available at the Williams Circulation Desk or online
  2. Have the faculty member sign the form
  3. Present the forms at the Circulation Desk to activate RA borrowing privileges
  • Interlibrary Loan: RAs may borrow books not held at the law library or main campus libraries under their own ILL account or a proxy ILL account for their professor. See Instructions for RAs for further information.
  • WRLC Consortium: RAs may borrow books from the WRLC Consortium (law library advanced search using WRLC (Georgetown Univ. & Parner Libraries radio button) in their name only, not in their professors' names. To request books from non-Georgetown libraries in a professor's name, RAs should use Interlibrary Loan.

Research Guides and Tutorials

Check the Research Guides and Tutorials pages for assistance with specific subjects or guidance with a research process.


RAs may request a carrel at the Circulation Desk.

Summer Use of Lexis, Westlaw & Bloomberg Law

Access to Lexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg Law may be restricted over the summer. However, these services allow for the extension of access in certain circumstances.  Extensions are usually granted for students working as research assistants for professors. Visit the Lexis, Westlaw & Bloomberg services and policies page for details.

Remote Access

Wherever you work during the summer, you can use our electronic databases and contact the Reference Department for help.


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