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National Security Law Research Guide

This guide covers U.S. military, espionage, homeland security, and classification/declassification law.

Secondary Sources

Unless you are an expert in this area of law, or already have a citation to a specific document, it is probably a good idea to begin your research with a treatise, journal article, or other secondary source. These can provide citations to primary authorities and explain how they fit together. Once you have citations to some primary authorities, you should complete your research by updating them, making sure the cited cases have not been overruled, or the statutes repealed.

Treatises, Handbooks, Casebooks, and Collections

I. National Security Law

II.  Military Law

III. Documents Collection

IV. Locating Other Books

You may find other books on national security or military law by searching the Library's catalog using keywords or the following subject headings:

Journal Articles

I. National Security Law

II. Military Law