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National Security Law Research Guide

This guide covers U.S. military, espionage, homeland security, and classification/declassification law.

Statutes and Legislative History

I. Major Statutes

Below is a list of some of the major federal statutes related to military and national security law.


II. Legislative History

The statutes described in this guide were created and are updated by the enactment of federal public laws. For a general guide to the federal legislative process and to conducting federal legislative history research, please see the Library's Legislative History Research Guide.

The specialized resources below provide the full text of documents related to the legislative histories of the UCMJ, USA Patriot Act, and the Homeland Security Act. Be aware that a basic understanding of the federal legislative process, which is explained in the Library's Legislative History Research Guide, is required to make the best use of these specialized resources.

Where to Find Federal Statutes

For an introduction to statutory research, see our Statutes Research Guide guide. The following is a list of sources for the full text of federal laws: