Evidence Research Guide

This guide is a starting point for research in evidence law, focusing on the Federal Rules of Evidence and related materials.


Primary Law Sources: Federal Rules of Evidence

The Federal Rules of Evidence themselves are available from a variety of sources, both in print and online.

For a list of sources, in addition to resources for cases and legislative history research, refer to our Federal Court Rules Research Guide.

Electronic Resource Collections

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About This Guide

This guide is focused on the Federal Rules of Evidence and related material.  We recommend starting your research with secondary sources such as evidence law texts & treatises or legal encyclopedias

For information on state rules of evidence, please refer to the "Statutes and Legislation" page of our research guide for any particular state; state rules of evidence will generally be found in that state's statutory code.

Getting Started

The following are some good places to begin your research, especially if you are new to this area of law.  For a list of treatises and links to treatise collections, see the Texts, Treatises, & In-Depth Resources page of this guide.

If you are not familiar with what secondary sources are, or if you need to begin with a more basic secondary source that can provide you with an introductory overview of your topic (such as a legal encyclopedia) you may want to begin with our Secondary Sources Research Guide or our Secondary Sources Tutorial.

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Secondary Sources Research Tutorial

Includes videos covering treatises, law reviews, encyclopedias, American Law Reports (ALR), Restatements, and news sources.

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