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Histories of Civil Legal Assistance in the United States and Globally

Legal Aid in the United States: Overviews of the Present System

* Legal Aid in the United States. Justice Programs Office, School of Public Affairs, American University (2014). (A one page overview)

* Alan Houseman, Civil Legal Aid in the United States: An Update for 2015. A Report for the International Legal Aid Group., December 2015. (A report on the situation in the present (2015)

Hidden Agendas: What is Really Behind Attacks on Legal Aid Lawyers?, Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, KF336 .H53 2001 and online. Provides a good overview and history of legal aid, plus recent professional and political issues facing legal aid attorneys.

Federal Practice Manual for Legal Aid AttorneysKF336 .F43 2004 and online from the Shriver Center.