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International and Foreign Competition Law Research Guide

A guide to assist you in researching international and foreign antitrust issues, covering specialized electronic databases, secondary sources, and primary law sources.

EU Competition Law

Antitrust activities and polices in the European Union are of high interest to most researchers and there is a wealth of information available. This section will provide some specific information on locating E.U. legislation, cases, and other useful materials.

  • European Commission on Competition
    Best place to start your research on antitrust and competition law in the EU. Use the policy areas at the top (antitrust, mergers, cartels, etc) to access legislation, cases, statistics, studies and much more. There are links to national court decisions too! It includes links to treaty provisions, legislation and case law relating to competition as well as background materials. See the Key Issues section on the right for recent hot topics (Microsoft, pharmaceuticals, Intel, etc).

EU Cases & Commission Decisions

The European Commission on Competition serves as the monitoring and enforcement power and issues decisions. The European Court of Justice also rules on antitrust cases.

  • C.M.L.R. Antitrust Reports KJE925.5.C853
    This monthly reporter includes Commission decisions, court judgments, latest actions, and status of pending cases in the area of antitrust.
  • Competition Cases from the European Union KJC6456.A54 2008
    The subtitle of this book is "the ultimate guide to leading cases of the EU and all 27 member states" and it offers country by country summaries of major cases on anti-competitive practices, abuse of dominance, and merger control.
  • European Commission Competition case law database - Electronic
    This is a database of antitrust commission decisions only. The search function is somewhat complicated, but does offer searching by sector (and then even more specific to document type, decision type or by legal basis). It would be useful for locating information and documents if you have a particular company name as there is no keyword text searching.
  • European Court of Justice Case-Law Curia Database
    This comprehensive database includes all published ECJ case law since mid-June 1997 and some unpublished decisions since May 2004. Most materials are in English.
  • Reports of the European Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance KJE324.5C68
    This is the official print reporter for ECJ cases. There is a significant time lag from what is available on the court web site.