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Energy Law Research Guide

This guide is intended as a starting point for research on energy law, especially the transportation, distribution, and sale of energy and energy-related natural resources in interstate commerce. Both primary and secondary materials in print and electroni


Access to State Code and Regulations

Access to annotated state code and regulations will vary by state.  Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg do provide some access to annotated state code and regulations; however, the legal databases do not provide coverage for all states.  

Lexis: Individual States (Browse Sources > Search Sources > Filter to Administrative Codes and Regulations > Administrative Codes)

Westlaw: Administrative Regulations for Individual States

Bloomberg Law: Browse individual state resources to locate State Administrative Codes

Many annotations of state code and regulation are only available in print format.  The Williams Law Library does not have comprehensive holdings of each state's annotated code and regulations.  The state research guides provide information on how to find each state's code and regulations. 

Free Online Access to State Code and Regulations

Legal Information Institute: State Statutes Related to Utilities and Transportation.
This page provides links to the full text of state utilities law statutes that are freely available on the web. The currency of linked statutes varies.