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Energy Law Research Guide

This guide is intended as a starting point for research on energy law, especially the transportation, distribution, and sale of energy and energy-related natural resources in interstate commerce. Both primary and secondary materials in print and electroni

Secondary Sources

Secondary sources are essential in legal research; these sources can provide crucial background information, or explication of various legal concepts and theories.  Treatises can help you understand particular legal areas and concepts and journals can provide auxiliary information, case histories, or references to other helpful resources.


  • Energy Law and Transactions (1990-), available on Lexis. Covers the energy industry, including traditional energy sources, such as oil, gas, electricity, and coal, as well as nontraditional energy technologies and sources, such as hydroelectricity, solar, nuclear, biomass, and cogeneration.
  • International Encyclopedia of Laws: Energy Law (2001-), R. Blanpain (ed.). Available electronically at IEL Energy Law.
  • The Law of Oil and Gas : with Forms (Summer's Oil and Gas) (3d ed. 2004-), W.L. Summers. Available on Westlaw.
    This multi-volume set is a comprehensive treatise covering all topics related to the law of oil and gas, including owner's rights, drilling, construction of oil and gas leases, remedies of the lessor for nondevelopment, etc. All state and federal laws and regulations are examined in detail. An extensive table of cases and forms on leasing, production and transportation are included. Updated with pocket parts.
  • Law of Oil and Gas Leases (2d ed. 1967-), Earl Brown. Available on Lexis. A primer for beginners and a reference manual and research source for more experienced practitioners.
  • Natural Gas Contracts (updated quarterly), available on Westlaw. This manual covers gas contract terms and clauses; arbitration, warranty and project-financing situations; and short-term agreements. It also provides complete sample contracts.
  • Oil and Gas Law (1959-). Originally by Howard R. Williams and the late Charles J. Meyers; Revisions by Patrick H. Martin and Bruce M. Kramer. Available on Lexis. The most authoritative and comprehensive treatise on the law relating to oil and gas. Frequently cited by the courts and highly regarded by oil and gas attorneys, the treatise monitors changes to the law as well as new and developing areas.
  • A Treatise on the Law of Oil and Gas: Including Forms, Statutes, Regulations (1962-), Eugene O. Kuntz. Available on Lexis. Increasingly cited by courts in oil and gas producing states, this treatise provides an exhaustive survey of oil and gas conveyancing and operations.


See also the Energy Law Treatise Guide.


The following are just some of the periodicals relating to energy in general or energy law. For more information on finding journal articles related to energy law (or journal articles generally), see our Law Reviews Tutorial or Articles for Legal and Non-Legal Research Guide.

  • The Energy Journal
    Available electronically through several databases.
  • Energy Law Journal
    Available electronically through several databases.
  • Energy Policy
    Available electronically on ScienceDirect.
  • Environmental and Energy Law and Policy Journal
    Available electronically through various databases.
  • George Washington Journal of Energy and Environmental Law
    Available electronically through various databases.
  • Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Law
    Available electronically through several databases.
  • Texas Journal of Oil, Gas, and Energy Law
    Available electronically on HeinOnline.

Study Aids

Study Aids are kept in the Reading Room of Williams Library.

  • Energy Law in a Nutshell, Joseph P. Tomain KF2120.Z9T65 2017.
    Brief introduction to energy economics, policy and law, intended primarily for law students.
  • Oil and Gas Law in a Nutshell. John S. Lowe. KF1850.L68
    The focus of this study aid is on the law governing the development of privately owned mineral rights. Major sections include the nature and protection of oil and gas rights, conveying oil and gas rights, oil and gas leasing, and tax and business matters.
  • Modern Public Land Law in a Nutshell, Glickman & Coggins. KF5605 .G58
    This book provides an introduction to the history of public land law and has individual chapters on different resources, such as minerals, water, and timber.
  • Hemingway Oil and Gas Law and Taxation, Anderson et al. KF1849 .H44
    This hornbook covers interests and transactions in mineral estates, oil and gas leases, and the taxation of oil and gas.