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This State Guide provides an in-depth look at sources of law in Maryland.


To facilitate research for current law, statutes are arranged by subject in the Maryland Code. Like the United States Code and other state codes, the Maryland Code is a subject compilation of enacted legislation, divided into articles, titles, chapters and sections.

Michie's Annotated Code of the Public General Laws of Maryland (Md. Code Ann. (LexisNexis))



Consists of a set of "black books" containing the numbered articles and a set of "red books" (actually maroon in color) containing the named articles. The reason for the existence of both the "black books" and the "red books" is that the Michie's Annotated Code of Maryland is in the process of being revised. Since the early 1970s, the State has started to repeal statutes in the "black books" and recompile them into revised articles in the "red books." Eventually, all the "black books" will be replaced. Depending on where you find the provisions you need, you cite either to MD. Code Ann. by subject (the "red books") or to MD Ann. Code of 1957 (the "black books"). Table T.1 of the Bluebook gives a list of subject abbreviations.

The complete Maryland Code, both the "black books" and the "red books," is indexed in two softcover index volumes, which are updated annually. The index is a "subject" or "topic" index, not a keyword index. For example, if you look under "advertisement" when trying to find "false advertisement," a cross-reference should lead you to the right entry.

The Maryland Code is updated by pocket parts. Prior to the publication of each year's pocket parts, the Advance Legislative Service (which reproduces the acts passed by the Maryland General Assembly and approved by the Governor) is issued. It includes tables that show the impact of legislation on sections of the Code. The Advance Code Service pamphlets are published three times a year to update statutory material and annotations.

West's Annotated Code of Maryland (Md. Code Ann. (West))

Unannotated Maryland Code

Historical Statutes

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