Labor and Employment Law Research Guide

This guide is a starting point for research in U.S. federal labor and employment law, including employment discrimination, labor arbitration, labor relations, workplace health and safety.

Federal Statutes

For Labor titles, browse Table of Contents for Titles 5, 8, 26, 29, 30, 38, 39 and 42 of the U.S. Code.

Where to Find the U.S. Code

For an introduction to statutory research, see our Statutes Research Guide guide. The following is a list of sources for the full text of federal laws:

Federal Legislation

Proposed Federal Legislation

  • For the full text and status of pending and recently enacted legislation, try a word search in the current Congress
  • Lexis: Browse Sources > Search Sources > Congressional Full Text Bills - Current Congress
  • Westlaw: Bills introduced in current session of Congress
  • CQ Weekly

Federal Legislative History

For many federal labor & employment laws, there are compiled legislative histories available in the Library. These compilations usually include bills, Congressional Record debates, reports, and hearings.

To find a compiled legislative history, try a keyword search in the Library's catalog. For example, you could search for "labor and legislative history." In addition, good starting places for legislative history research include:

To learn more about legislative history, read our Legislative History Research Guide.

Federal Regulations

For a guide to the federal executive-branch regulatory process and the process of conducting federal administrative law research in general, see the Law Library's Administrative Law Research Guide.  Federal agencies' regulations appear in the following publications:

Case Law

For more information on finding court decisions, see our Case Law Research Guide.

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Statutory Research Tutorial

Legislative History Research Tutorial

ProQuest Congressional and Legislative Insight Tutorial

Administrative Law Tutorial

Regulatory History Tutorial

Case Law Research Tutorial