Labor and Employment Law Research Guide

This guide is a starting point for research in U.S. federal labor and employment law, including employment discrimination, labor arbitration, labor relations, workplace health and safety.

Treatises & Texts

Books can be useful places to start your research. You can find a discussion of the law and citations to leading cases and relevant regulations.

To locate books (both in print and electronic) on your topic, search the library's catalog. A keyword search is usually the best way to start your search. If you want to search by subject heading, try the following subject headings:

  • Labor Laws and Legislation - United States
  • United States National Labor Relations Board
  • Arbitration, Industrial - United States
  • Wages - United States
  • Hours of Labor - United States
  • Discrimination in Employment - Law and Legislation - United States
  • Age and Employment - United States
  • Affirmative Action Programs - Law and Legislation - United States
  • Industrial Safety - Law and Legislation - United States
  • Industrial Hygiene - Law and Legislation - United States

While Georgetown Law Library has an excellent collection of books on labor and employment law, there are some specialized materials that may not be available. To search for books held by thousands of libraries from across the country, search WorldCat. Items that you locate on WorldCat can be requested through Interlibrary Loan.

For books on specific topics within labor and employment law, check relevant sections of this guide. For the preeminent treatises available at Georgetown Law, see below:

Journal Articles

For recent articles, online sources are the most effective. You can use HeinOnline, Lexis, and Westlaw to find the full text of many (but not all) law journals, or you can use online indexes to get citations for articles in just about all legal journals. HeinOnline even has a Labor and Employment starting page for easy access.For more information on how to find journal articles, consult our Articles for Legal and Non-Legal Research Guide and our Law Reviews Tutorial.

If you need an article from a journal that the Library does not have, contact the Reference Desk. We can help you find a library that does have it. You can also request the article through Interlibrary Loan.

Major Labor and Employment Law Journals

  • Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law
    K2 .E74 (Vol. 14-31:1, 1993-2010)
    HeinOnline: Full coverage from vol. 1 (1976)
    Westlaw: Select coverage from vol. 6 (1984) and full coverage from vol. 15 (1994)
  • Employee Relations Law Journal
    K5 .M64 (From vol. 1, 1975-76)
    ProQuest: Full coverage from 1987
  • Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal
    F5 .M653 (From vol. 1, 1997)
    Westlaw: Full coverage from vol. 1 (1997)
  • Hofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal (continues Hofstra Labor Law Journal)
    K8 .O443 (Vol. 15-27, 1997-2010) and HeinOnline
    Westlaw: Selective coverage from vol. 2 (1984) and full coverage from vol. 10 (1993)
  • Industrial and Labor Relations Review
    K9 .N35 (from vol. 1, 1947-48)
    HeinOnline: Full coverage from vol. 1 (1983)
    Westlaw: Selective coverage from vol. 44 (1991) and full coverage from vol. 47 (1994)
  • CCH Labor Law Journal
    K12 .A2 (Vol. 1-59:3, 1949-2008)
    Online: Current coverage
  • University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law (formally titled Pennsylvania Journal of Labor and Employment Law, 1998-2007)
    K25 .N683 
    HeinOnline: Full coverage from vol. 1 (1998)
    Westlaw: Full coverage from vol. 1 (1998)

Current Awareness

Law Journal Databases

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