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Animal Law Research Guide

This guide will assist in researching issues in Animal Law, Animal Rights and Animal Welfare.


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Generally, we recommend that you start your legal research with secondary sources such as treatises and encyclopedias. Below, you will find a list of selected study aids, treatises, encyclopedias, databases, and other related materials on Animal law. 

If you are not familiar with secondary sources, or if you need to begin with a secondary source that provides you with an introductory overview of your topic, please visit our Secondary Resources Research Guide or our Secondary Sources Tutorial

Study Aids

Text & Treatises

You can also find more animal law related texts by browsing through the catalog starting at KF390.5 A for animal law or searching the Library Catalog by the subject field. Searching by the following subject headings should be helpful: 

  • Agricultural Laws & Legislation
  • Animal Experimentation
  • Animal Industry
  • Animal Rights
  • Animal Welfare
  • Animals, Treatment of
  • Animals--Law & Legislation
  • Cockfighting
  • Domestic Animals
  • Domestic Animals--Law & Legislation
  • Endangered Species
  • Endangered Species--Law & Legislation
  • Horses
  • Human-Animal Relationships
  • Marine Mammals
  • Marine Mammals--Law & Legislation
  • Slaughtering and Slaughter Houses
  • Veterinarians
  • Wild Animal Trade
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Wildlife Conservation--Law & Legislation




These databases can be helpful for finding both legal and non-law-specific scholarship related to the topic of animals and animal law.