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Animal Law Research Guide

This guide will assist in researching issues in Animal Law, Animal Rights and Animal Welfare.


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Getting Started

This research guide focuses on Federal and State laws regarding animals. Animal Law covers a wide range of topics such as animal welfare, service animals, marine animals, endangered animals, and other related topics. This guide will not cover international animal law, which can be found in our other research guide, International and Foreign Animal Law Research Guide.

Due to the wide range of topics animal law covers, we suggest you start with secondary materials such as texts and treaties, or encyclopedias, to help you determine where to start researching. The secondary sources pages also covers study aids, law journals, databases, and news and current awareness sources.

In addition to secondary sources, we also provide access to general sources on primary law such as federal laws, general sources on state laws, and case law sources. We also provide information on specific laws such as the Animal Welfare Act and the Endangered Species Act. You can also find information on animal law related organizations, professional organizations, think tanks, and other useful resources.

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