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Magna Carta: History & Legacy

This is a short guide for those who want to explore the origins and influence of Magna Carta in this 800th Anniversary year.


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In the shadow of the great charter: common law constitutionalism and the Magna Carta / Robert M. Pallitto / KF4749 .P35 2015

Magna Carta uncovered / Anthony Arlidge and Igor Judge / KD3946 .A75 2014

The Magna Carta manifesto : liberties and commons for all / Peter Linebaugh / JN147 .L56 2008

Magna Carta : through the ages / Ralph V. Turner /  KD3946 .T87 2003

Magna Carta : manuscripts and myths / Claire Breay / KD3946 .B72 2002

Magna Carta / J.C. Holt / JN147 .H64 1992

The book of Magna Carta / Geoffrey Hindley / JN147 .H56 1990

Edited compilations

Magna Carta : the foundation of freedom, 1215-2015 / edited by Nicholas Vincent /  JN147 .M35 2015

Magna Carta and the rule of law / edited by Daniel B. Magraw, Andrea Martinez, Roy E. Brownell II / KD3946 .M33 2014

Magna Carta : muse & mentor / edited by Randy J. Holland ; foreword by John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice of the United States / KD3946 .M35 2014

The roots of liberty : Magna Carta, ancient constitution, and the Anglo-American tradition of rule of law / edited with an introduction by Ellis Sandoz / KD3995 .R66 1993

Magna Carta and the idea of liberty / edited by James C. Holt / JN147 .M28 1982r

750th Anniversary works

Magna carta, text and commentary / A. E. Dick Howard / KD3948 .M3 1964

The making of Magna carta / J. C. Holt / JN147 .H65

Magna carta; legend and legacy / Willaim F. Swindler /  JN147 .S9 1965

Magna carta in the seventeenth century / Maurice Ashley / JN191 .A8 1965

Magna carta, fountainhead of freedom /Ray Stringham. With a foreword by Everett M. Dirksen / KD3946 .S8

Magna carta--event or document / By Helen M. Cam / JN147 .C3 1965

Law of the land / Arthur Goodhart / JN147 .G6 1966

Habeas corpus and Magna carta; dualism of power and liberty / Daniel John Meador / KF9011.Z9 M4

An ancient partnership: local government, Magna Carta, and the national interest / John E. Bebout / JS55 .B4

After Runnymede; Magna carta in the Middle Ages / Doris M. Stenton / JN137 .S8 1965

The Great Charter: four essays on Magna Carta and the history of our liberty / JN147 .G75

The road from Runnymede; Magna Carta and constitutionalism in America / A. E. Dick Howard / KF4541 .H6 1968


Historical Treatises

The second part of the Institutes of the lawes of England. Containing the exposition of many ancient, and other statutes; whereof you may see the particulars in a table following / Authore Edw. Coke, Milite, I.C / KD600 .C64 1642 Pt. 2 Folio

The second part of the Institutes of the laws of England : Containing the exposition of many ancient and other statutes . Authore Edwardo Coke, Milite, J.C / KD600 .C64 1797 Pt.2 Quarto

The Great Charter and Charter of the forest, with other authentic instruments: to which is prefixed an introductory discourse, containing the history of the charters / William Blackstone / JN147 .B62 1759 Folio / available online

A history and defence of Magna Charta: containing a copy of the original charter at large, with an English translation; the manner of its being obtained from King John, with its preservation and final establishment in the succeeding reigns; with an introductory discourse, containing a short account of the rise and progress of national freedom, from the invasion of Caesar to the present times. Also the liberties which are confirmed by the Bill of Rights, &c. To which is added, an essay on parliaments, describing their origin in England, and the extraordinary means by which they have been lengthened from half yearly to septennial ones /  KD3946 .J64 1769 Octavo

English liberties, or, The free-born subject's inheritance : containing Magna Charta, Charta de Foresta, the statute De Tallagio non Concedendo, the Habeas Corpus Act, and several other statutes, with comments on each of them. Likewise, Of Ship-Money : Of Tonnage and Poundage : Of Parliaments, and the Qualifications and Choice of Members : Of the Three Estates, and of the Settlement of the Crown by Parliament. Together with A short History of the Succession, not by any hereditary Right : Also a Declaration of the Liberties of the Subject : And of the Oath of Allegiance and Supremacy. The Petition of Right ; with a short but impartial relation of the Difference between King Charles I. and the Long Parliament, concerning the Prerogative of the King, the Liberties of the Subject, and the Rise of the Civil Wars. Of Trials by Juries, and of the Qualifications of Jurors ; their Punishment for Misbehaviour, and of Challenges to them. Lastly, Of Justices of the Peace, and Coroners : With many Law-Cases throughout the Whole. / Compiled first by Henry Care ; and continued, with large additions, by William Nelson, of the Middle-Temple, Esq. / KD600 .C24 1774 Octavo / available online

Lectures on the constitution and laws of England : with a commentary on Magna Charta, and illustrations of many of the English statutes / by the late Francis Stoughton Sullivan, LL. D. Royal Professor of Common Law in the University of Dublin / KD3941 .S88 1790 Quarto / available online

An historical essay on the Magna Charta of King John : to which are added, the Great Charter in Latin and English ; the charters of liberties and confirmations, granted by Henry III. and Edward I. ; the original Charter of the Forests ; and various authentic instruments connected with them : explanatory notes on their several privileges ; a descriptive account of the principal originals and editions extant, both in print and manuscript ; and other illustrations, derived from the most interesting and authentic sources / by Richard Thomson / KD3946 .T56 1829 Quarto / available online