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Environmental Law Research Guide

Provides an overview of sources related to U.S. federal environmental law.

Federal Agency Documents

The Environmental Protection Agency is the primary Federal government agency that administers environmental regulation. However, other Federal agencies also work within areas of environmental regulation, including the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Commerce. Administrative law materials can be found through many resources, including Federal government websites, including the National Archives and the Government Printing Office.  Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg provide access to Federal administrative decisions; these collections are not comprehensive, however.  HeinOnline also provides some access to current and historic Federal agency documents. 

Links to specific agency websites:

Federal Register

The Federal Register is the "daily journal of the United States government." It publishes Federal laws, administrative regulations and notices of proposed regulations, and presidential documents.

Federal Register: Environment provides access to collections of recent documents published in the Federal Register within the area of environmental regulation.  The page is organized into discrete subtopics, such as "Fishery Management" and "Endangered & Threatened Species."

For more complete information on administrative research, see the Library's research guide on Administrative Law.