Source Collection Information for Research Assistants

A manual to assist a Faculty Research Assistant in collecting citations.

Administrative Decisions in Any Format

Check the Law Library's U.S. Primary Sources & Topical Reporters Guide to find access options for print formats and online versions. 

Finding Decisions
Finding Titles to Decision Reporters in Print, Other Sources for Decisions & Publications
  • Check The Bluebook: T1.2 Federal Administrative and Executive Materials. Then search for the publication title in the Law Library catalog.
  • Check The Bluebook: T15 Services for a list of frequently cited services. Then search for the title in the Law Library catalog.
Research Guides on Finding Decisions

Interlibrary Loan: Decision Reporters in Print

If the Law Library does not have the print decision reporter or looseleaf, nor provides electronic access to the print version of the decision reporter, then submit an ILLiad PDF Request form. These days, however, administrative decisions are published through a variety of more easily accessible online sources that are accepted by The Bluebook. Print reporters and looseleaf publications are no longer the only, nor necessarily the official, source for administrative decisions.

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