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International and Foreign Competition Law Research Guide

A guide to assist you in researching international and foreign antitrust issues, covering specialized electronic databases, secondary sources, and primary law sources.


Competition law, known as antitrust law in the U.S., seeks to maintain the integrity of the marketplace by prohibiting anti-competitive practices and by subjecting corporate mergers and acquisitions to regulatory review if they have the potential to significantly reduce competition. 

Historically, competition law developed and evolved almost exclusively within the jurisdictional boundaries of individual nation states.  More recently, the growing influence of multinational business enterprises has led to a corresponding increase in bilateral and regional cooperation among national competition authorities.

This guide focuses on researching competition law in jurisdictions outside the U.S., on comparing competition law and practice in two or more jurisdictions, and on efforts to coordinate and harmonize the enforcement of competition law across multiple jurisdictions. 

Key Resources for International & Foreign Competition Law

  • Kluwer Competition Law
    This online platform includes both primary law content (mainly from the U.S., the EU, and its member states) and secondary source materials (e-books, journal articles, and blog commentary) related to competition law.  Search by keyword or browse by policy area, content type, time period, and jurisdiction.  To apply filters before running a search, click on the white triangle immediately to the left of the search box.
  • Getting the Deal Through (GTDT)
    This multi-jurisdictional resource offers in-depth, practitioner-written summaries of national laws that govern cartel regulation, merger control, state aid, and other aspects of competition law using a question and answer format.  Begin by selecting a practice area from the menu.  Then select a jurisdiction or use the comparison tool to compare laws across multiple jurisdictions.  Jurisdictional coverage varies by practice area.

Research Assistance and Help with Related Topics

If you need help with international and foreign competition law research, visit the reference desk, located in the Reading Room on the second floor of the Williams Library.  Or contact the library's International and Foreign Law Department by phone (202-662-4195) or by email (  Students, faculty, and staff of the Georgetown Law Center may chat with a librarian online or request a research consultation.

For guidance in researching topics that are closely related to international and foreign competition law, consult the following Georgetown Law Library research guides:  Antitrust Law (U.S.) Research; Foreign and Comparative Law Research; International and Foreign Tax Law Research; and International Trade Law Research.


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