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Treaty Research

This guide describes resources and methods for locating and updating treaties of the United States and other countries.

Official Full-Text Sources for U.S. Treaties

Once you have a citation, you can use it to retrieve the full text of the treaty or agreement from an official or an unofficial source.  Official sources are preferred for Bluebook citation purposes.  The following table lists official sources for U.S. treaties and/or executive agreements, along with information on how to access them.

Title and Description Citation Dates of Coverage Print/Microform Holdings Online Access
Senate Treaty Documents (1981-present)
Senate Executive Documents (1789-1980)
Treaties submitted to the Senate for ratification are first published as Senate Treaty Documents (formerly known as Senate Executive Documents).  In addition to the full text of the treaty, you will find letters of transmittal from the president and the secretary of state, along with other supporting or explanatory documentation.  Senate Treaty Documents are also useful for locating the texts of recently ratified treaties before they are published in other official sources. 

S. Treaty Doc. No. x

S. Exec. Doc. No. x



KF40 .C57 1987 Micro (1817-1969) 1995-present

HeinOnline 1981-present

ProQuest Congressional 1981-present
Treaties and Other International Acts Series (T.I.A.S.)
Treaties and executive agreements that have entered into force since 1945 are published in this series.  Originally they were published in print as individual pamphlets.  The series is now published online.
T.I.A.S. No. xxxx 1945-present KZ235.32 .U55 (1982-1996)

State Dept.


U.S. Treaties and Other International Agreements Series (U.S.T.)
Treaties and agreements that entered into force between 1950 and 1984 were published in this series of bound volumes after initially being published as individual pamphlets in the T.I.A.S. series.
vol. no. U.S.T. xxx 1950-1984 KZ235.3.U5 HeinOnline
Treaty Series (T.S.)
Treaties that entered into force from 1795-1945 are included in this series.  Prior to 1929, the series also included most executive agreements.  Merged with the Executive Agreement Series in 1946 to form T.I.A.S.
T.S. No. xxx 1795-1945 KZ235.9 .A3 Micro HeinOnline (1922-1945)
Executive Agreement Series (E.A.S.)
Agreements that entered into force from 1929-1945 are included in this series.  Prior to 1929, most (but not all) agreements were published in the Treaty Series.  Merged with the Treaty Series in 1946 to form T.I.A.S.
E.A.S. No. xxx 1929-1945 KZ236 1929 Micro HeinOnline (1929-1945)
Statutes at Large (Stat.)
Treaties that entered into force prior to 1950 are included in this chronological compilation of U.S. federal statutes.  If you don't have a citation, see 64 Stat. B1107 for a cumulative index of treaties published in the Statutes at Large.
vol. no. Stat. xxx 1778-1949 KF50 .UF