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International Anti-Corruption Law Research Guide

This research guide is about international anti-corruption

Foreign Law

Locating the law of a country will have many components. For a good introduction about general (and jurisdiction specific) resources, as well as an overview of how to approach foreign law research see our Foreign & Comparative Law Research Guide. Below is a sampling of resources as good places to start locating foreign law on this topic. Most are freely available on the Internet; some are available to Georgetown Law Only.

  • Action Against Economic Crime has a focus on Corruption (Council of Europe)
    The Council of Europe is an international organization, in Strasbourg, with 47 European member countries. The corruption section has resources on standards (conventions and other relevant legal text), monitoring compliance (through working groups such a GRECO) and projects (both completed and current ones).
  • Anti-Corruption Portal of the Americas and Criminalization of Acts of Corruption (The Organization of American States (OAS))
    The OAS is a regional organization with 35 member countries. Also listed by country are the laws that address corruption. To access the list of laws, click on the list of countries on the right of the web page . On the criminalization page, there are citations to foreign laws that enforce certain paragraphs in the convention anti-corruption law. To find these citations, in the center of the page click on the relevant bullet point for and then click on the country.
  • Fight Against Corruption and Fight Against Fraud (Europe Union)
    The European Union is made up of 27 European countries, which have delegated some of their power in order to make decisions on specific matters of joint interest at the European level. The corruption section lists relevant, legal text with summaries of key points, links to full texts, and related acts. In the Fraud section, there are summaries of legislation and policy. There are also links to resources where one can search for the full text of legislation and case law.
  • Fighting Corruption (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)
    The OECD is an international organization, with 33 member countries from around the world. The section on corruption includes country reports on the implementation of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention with a list of implementing legislation as well as regional anti-corruption programmes. The Working Group on Bribery monitors, in three phases, a country's enforcement of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention.
  • Foreign Law Guide database (Georgetown Law only)
    This database includes a brief legal-historical overview at the beginning of each jurisdiction. The Major Publications section within each jurisdiction will provide the names of gazettes, reporters, and consolidated codes.
  • WorldLII has listed in its subject Index, Corruption
    While WorldLII does not have materials for all countries, this resource can sometimes have case law and legislation, as well as links to other relevant resources. This is a list of the countries with available information.