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International and Foreign Competition Law (Antitrust) Research Guide

A guide to assist you with researching foreign and international antitrust issues, covering electronic sources, treatises, and specialized journals.


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Getting Started: Selected Materials

Treatises often summarize, quote, reprint or cite legislation, as well as provide commentary and analysis on countries and legal topics. The selected treatises below are available in the law library and can provide a useful overview of your topic. In addition to commentary, many of these sources offer bibliographic references for further research. To locate more resources, search the online catalog using keywords, especially if you are interested in a specific jurisdiction or aspect of antitrust law. For example, < unfair competition japan > or < vertical agreements competition >.

  • Competition Law and Policy in Latin America INTL KG421.C66 2009
    Includes chapters on general topics of competition (cartels, policy, etc) in Latin America and chapters on specific jurisdictions (Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and several others).
  • Competition Law and Practice: a Review of Major Jurisdictions INTL K3850.C6535 2009
    Useful overview of antitrust and relevant competition authorities in Brazil, China, Europe, India, Korea, Mexico, Russia and the United States.
  • Competition Law of the European Community INTL KJE6456.V36 2010
    This extensive treatise offers in-depth chapters on all aspects of EU competition law including vertical and horizontal agreements, intellectual property, mergers, procedure, and much more.
  • Faull & Nikpay The EC Law of Competition INTL KJE6456.F38 2007
    This is another comprehensive treatise covering similar subjects. There are also chapters on special sectors such as energy communications, and financial services.
  • Comparative Law of Monopolies (updated regularly) INTL K3856.R39 1988
  • International Antitrust Cooperation Handbook INTL K3850.I568 2004