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International and Foreign Competition Law (Antitrust) Research Guide

A guide to assist you with researching foreign and international antitrust issues, covering electronic sources, treatises, and specialized journals.


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This guide is intended to assist with researching foreign and international antitrust issues. It will provide information on treatises, journals, databases and other sources useful to antitrust research. Researchers may want to consult another one of our guides, Foreign and Comparative Law, for more assistance with foreign research methods, and general foreign legislation and case law research.

Remember, words to describe antitrust law vary among foreign jurisdictions. For example, unfair competition, restraint of trade and monopolies are common words to describe antitrust activities in other countries. We recommend that you become familiar with the foreign legal system. Is it civil, common, mixed, Islamic, etc. To quickly determine the type of legal system, see the World Legal Systems site at the University of Ottawa.

For guidance on U.S. antitrust research, please visit the U.S. Antitrust Research Guide.

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