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Canadian Legal Research

This guide details researching Canadian law at the federal and provincial level.

Other Research Guides

Want more information about Canadian law research? These other research guides may help.

  • Best Guide to Canadian Legal Research (University of British Columbia Faculty of Law)
    Links to Canadian legal resources online, a "Legal Research news" section which aggregates news from other Canadian legal research blogs and resources and an overview of how to approach legal research generally.
  • Canadian Legal Research (Duke Law)
    An overview of Canadian legal resources both in print and online, along with short explanations of the legal history of Quebec.
  • Researching Canadian Law (published Nov. 2005 GlobaLex) Please note there is a link to a 2007 update.
    In depth review of both legal resources (online and in print), with a brief section on how the civil system works in Quebec and how to research civil law in Canada.
  • Overview of Sources of Canadian Law on the Web (published Dec. 2003 LLRX)
    Annotated links for the major resources of Canadian law online, for both the state and federal level.