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Well-Being & Support: Library Readings

Select Readings on Wellness through the Law Library for the GULC Community

Well-Being E-Books: Recent Select Titles

Dimming the Day
Beyond Emotional Intelligence
Living Beyond What If?
Shift into a Higher Gear
A Woman's Guide to Claiming Space
Conversations Worth Having, Second Edition
Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Old?
The Communication Habit: Strategies That Set You Apart and Leave a Lasting Impression
The Hype Handbook: 12 Indispensable Success Secrets from the World's Greatest Propagandists, Self-Promoters, Cult Leaders, Mischief Makers, and Boundary Breakers
The Burnout Fix: Overcome Overwhelm, Beat Busy, and Sustain Success in the New World of Work
The Tokens
Pivot for Success : Hone Your Vision, Shift Your Energy, Make Your Move

Food & Cooking E-Books: Select Titles

The German-Jewish Cookbook
Gunflint Lodge Cookbook
The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook
Adventures in Good Cooking
The Dessert Book
The Wellness Lifestyle: a chef's recipe for real life
Bright Futures Nutrition
Honey, Olives, Octopus
200 Surefire Ways to Eat Well and Feel Better
Keto in an Instant
Nutrition and Functional Foods for Healthy Aging
Great Old-Fashioned American Desserts
Just a Few Miles South
Appalachian Home Cooking
Northwoods Fish Cookery
My Bombay Kitchen
The Hot Brown
The Fighter's Kitchen
The Jack Sprat Low-Fat Diet
The Diabetes Cooking for Everyone
The Northern Heartland Kitchen
Cook Together, Eat Together
The Best Grain-Free Family Meals on the Planet
The Low-FODMAP Cookbook
Dr. Anderson's High-Fiber Fitness Plan
Sweet and Savory Fat Bombs
Vegans Go Nuts
Healthy eating made easy : save time and money in the kitchen.
New Orleans con Sabor Latino: the history and passion of Latino cooking
The Kosher Baker
The Locavore's Kitchen: a cook's guide to seasonal eating and preserving
A Conversation about Healthy Eating
Secrets from the Greek Kitchen
A Date with a Dish: classic African-American recipes
The Essential Plant-Based Pantry: streamline your ingredients, simplify your meals
Nutrition for Life
Gluten-Free All-In-One for Dummies
Superfood Breakfasts
Whole Food Slow Cooked: 100 recipes for the slow cooker or the stovetop
Eating Ethically: religion and science for a better diet
Northern Hospitality: Cooking by the Book in New England
Noodle Soup: recipes, techniques, obsession
Maintaining a Healthy Diet
The Little Slow Cooker Cookbook: 500 of the best slow cooker recipes ever.
Collards: A Southern Tradition from Seed to Table
Optimum Nutrition
Superfood Weeknight Meals
Healthy Gut Cookbook: 150 stage-by-stage healing recipes to improve your digestive health
Cooking for Crowds

Fitness E-Books: Select Titles

The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi & Qigong Illustrated, Fourth Edition
Get Fit with Apple Watch
Yoga All-In-One for Dummies
Fitness After 40
Ultimate Plank Fitness
Partner Workouts
The High Intensity Workout: The Fast Track to Fitness and Health
Aerobic Exercise in Special Populations
Diabetes and Keeping Fit for Dummies
Science of Yoga
Idiot's Guide to Weight Training
Fitness for Everyone
Meridian Qigong Exercises: combining qigong, yoga, and acupressure
Core Fitness
Yoga XXL: a journey to health for bigger people
Idiot's Guide to Stretching
Idiot's Guide to Yoga
Dads, Kids, and Fitness: a father's guide to family health
Stay fit on campus : 10 tips for college students to stay active
Exercise for Mood and Anxiety: proven strategies for overcoming depression and enhancing well-being
Yoga for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: a Step-By-Step Guide for Parents and Caregivers
Walking --a step in the right direction
Fit for two : tips for pregnancy

Telework E-Books: Select Titles

Working Virtually: Managing People for Successful Virtual Teams and Organizations
E-Mail in an Instant
Smart Teams
The Co-Workplace
Workflex and Telework Guide
Virtual Team Success: a practical guide for working and leading from a distance
Business Continuity and the Pandemic Threat: potentially the biggest survival challenge facing organisations
Out of Office: How to Work from Home, Telecommute, or Workshift Successfully
Working Effectively From Home - Beginner
Wired to the World, Chained to the Home: telework in daily life
Working from Home
Effective Internal Communication
Working Smarter from Home: your day, your way
Take Control of Working from Home Temporarily
101 Tips for Telecommuters: successfully manage your work, team, technology, and family
Making a Success of Managing and Working Remotely
Manager's Guide to Virtual Teams
Achieving Project Management Success Using Virtual Teams
Great Pajama Jobs
Uniting the virtual workforce transforming leadership and innovation in the globally integrated enterprise
Work well from home How to run a successful home office
Work and Family in the Ework Era
Email Etiquette A Fresh look at dealing effectively with e-mail, developing great style, and writing clear, concise messages
The Remote Workers' Survival Guide
The Human Side of Virtual Work: managing trust, isolation, and presence

Well Being Resources for GULC Community

Law Center Supportive Services

The Law Center's supportive services have recommended well-being and support readings and these may be found in the following guides:

LinkedIn Learning

Offered by Lauinger Library, LinkedIn Learning is a library of trainings, weekly tips and self-guided courses to support your work life and help develop professional skills or learn new ones.The library covers topics in business (e.g.,s strategy, collaboration, diversity and inclusion), creativity (e.g., graphic design, photography, web design) and technology (e.g., computing, help desk skills, development). The following are LinkedIn Learning collection of online materials to support your wellness.

Topic: Health and Well-Being Topic: Mindfulness
Skill: Meditation Skill: Mindful Meditation
Course: Supporting Your Well-Being during Times of Change and Uncertainty Topic: Personal Effectiveness
Skill: Self-confidence Skill: Work Life Balance
Skill: Resiliency Skill: Anxiety Management

Sign in with your Georgetown email and you should then be directed to the university's single sign-on. There are more tips, audio-only and video courses in LinkedIn Learning that can be discovered by searching for keywords.

Library Catalog

Even more readings may be found by searching the Law Library's catalog under relevant Library of Congress Subject Headings or keywords. The search results that appear by clicking on the subjects or keywords in the table below includes titles that are carried by the local academic libraries (members of the Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC)) and may be available to the Georgetown Law community either through electronic access or a book borrowing service. (For more information about how to borrow books, please contact the Law Library's Circulation Desk, 202-662-9131.)

You may modify any large results by selecting a suggested Subject on the filter column. For example, the results for Books on Physical fitness may be limited to Physical Fitness for Women by selecting that Subject on the screen. You may also limit the results by adding a keyword into the search form and performing a new search.

You may see if there are locally held videos on these topics by removing Book as a Resource Type filter from the search results and then applying a Video filter instead.

Print Books Online Books
Achievement motivation books  Achievement motivation ebooks
Adjustment (Psychology) books Adjustment (Psychology) ebooks
Behavior modification books Behavior modification ebooks
Bereavement books Bereavement ebooks
Change (Psychology) books Change (Psychology) ebooks
Cognitive therapy books Cognitive therapy ebooks
Cookbooks | Also Recipes books Cookbooks ebooks | Also Recipes ebooks
Cooking -- Courses & Dishes books | Also Cooking -- Methods books | Also Cooking -- Regional & Ethnic books | Also Quick and easy cooking books Cooking -- Courses & Dishes ebooks | Also Cooking -- Methods ebooks | Also Cooking -- Regional & Ethnic ebooks | Also Quick and easy cooking ebooks | Also O'Reilly ebooks on Cooking
Creative ability books Creative ability ebooks
"Eating well" (as keywords) books "Eating well" (as keywords) ebooks
"Emotional balance" (as keywords) books "Emotional balance" (as keywords) ebooks
Exercise books Exercise ebooks
Faith and Belief and doubt books Faith and Belief and doubt ebooks
Goal (Psychology) books Goal (Psychology) ebooks
Grief books Grief ebooks
Habit breaking books Habit breaking ebooks
Happiness books Happiness ebooks
Health & Fitness / Health Living books Health & Fitness / Healthy Living ebooks
Health & Fitness -- Work-Related Health books O'Reilly ebooks on Health & Fitness
"Healthy eating" books "Healthy eating" ebooks
Insight books Insight ebooks
Interpersonal communication books Interpersonal communication ebooks
Interpersonal relations books Interpersonal relations ebooks
"Meditation" books "Meditation" ebooks | Also O'Reilly ebooks on Meditation
Meditation -- Buddhism books Meditation -- Buddhism books
Meditation -- Therapeutic Use books Meditation -- Therapeutic Use books
Mental fatigue books Mental fatigue ebooks
Mindfulness books Mindfulness ebooks
Mood books Mood ebooks
"Motivation" books "Motivation" ebooks | Also O'Reilly ebooks on Motivation
Motivation in education books Motivation on education ebooks
New thought books New thought ebooks
Peace of mind books Peace of mind ebooks
Perfectionism books Perfectionism ebooks
Physical fitness books Physical fitness ebooks
Pilates method books Pilates method ebooks
Positive psychology books Positive psychology ebooks
Books on Quality of life Ebooks on Quality of life
Resilience books Resilience ebooks
Self-acceptance books Self-acceptance ebooks
Self-actualization books Self-actualization ebooks
Self-care, Health books Self-care, Health ebooks
Self-confidence books Self-confidence ebooks | Also O'Reilly ebooks on self-confidence
Self-esteem books Self-esteem ebooks
Self-Help / Personal Growth / General books Self-Help / Personal Growth / General ebooks
Self-Help / Personal Growth / Happiness books Self-Help /Personal Growth / Happiness ebooks
Self-Help / Personal Growth / Success books Self-Help / Personal Growth / Success ebooks
Self-help techniques books Self-help techniques ebooks
Self-realization books Self-realization ebooks
Solitude books Solitude ebooks
Spirituality books Spirituality ebooks
Stretching exercises books Stretching exercises ebooks
Success books Success ebooks
Stress books Stress ebooks
Stress management books Stress management ebooks | Also O'Reilly ebooks on Stress management
Telecommuting books Telecommuting ebooks
Thought and thinking books Thought and thinking ebooks
Walking books Walking ebooks
Well-being books Well-being ebooks
Work-life balance books Work-life balance ebooks | Also O'Reilly ebooks on Work-life balance
Yoga books | Also Hatha yoga books | Also Yin yoga books Yoga ebooks | Also Hatha yoga ebooks