D.C. Area Archives and Repositories

An introduction to archives and repositories in the Washington DC area.


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Created 09/22 (MG)
Updated 08/23 (MG)


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Welcome to the research guide on archives and repositories in the D.C. area. The purpose of this guide is to serve as an introduction to the various repositories in the D.C. area. For each repository, there is a brief description of the repository, resources available at the repository, contact information, and links to the repository website.

Note that for most repositories there are specific rules on visiting, accessing records, and making copies. It is a good idea to visit the repository’s website or contact the repository to understand the rules for visitation and accessing materials before planning your visit. In person visits may be limited due to policies regarding Covid-19 and may be subject to change.

Check out the D.C. Area Libraries guide for a directory of local libraries in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Special Collections

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Special Collections
Williams Law Library, 2nd floor