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Commercial Law Research Guide

This guide is for students conducting introductory research in the area of commercial law in the United States.


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Secondary Sources

A. Treatises

  • Anderson on the Uniform Commercial Code (3rd ed. 1981-)KF879.514 .A53 1981
    Multi-volume treatise providing analysis of UCC articles, commentary on commercial law practices, and related non-code laws as well as case and statutory developments.
    • Also available on Westlaw: ANDR-UCC .

  • Debtor-Creditor Law (1982 - ) KF1501 .D57 1982
    A comprehensive multi-volume treatise, written by prominent experts in the field, which offers users complete coverage of all aspects of the debtor-creditor relationship, including current case law, practical guidance and numerous forms for the practitioner. In addition to comprehensive coverage of federal consumer credit legislation and the reprint of related statutes and regulations, Debtor-Creditor Law also features chapters covering several Uniform Commercial Code Articles, including Article 2 (Sales), Article 3 (Negotiable Instruments), Article 4A (Funds Transfers) and Revised Article 9 (Secured Transactions).
  • Hawkland's Uniform Commercial Code Series KF879.527 .H38 1982
    Provides the official code text, official comments, variations enacted by the states, and Permanent Editorial Board comments. Includes section-by-section analysis and commentary on each article of the code, other related legislation, and case references.
    • Also available on Westlaw: HAWKLAND .

  • Negotiable Instruments Under the Uniform Commercial Code (1997 - ) KF885 .B45
    This treatise provides in-depth analysis of both the pre-revision and the Revised Versions of Article 3 of the Uniform Commercial Code and the case law interpreting this Article. Discussion of UCC Article 4 , which govern the relationship between payor banks and their customers, and UCC Article 4A is also included.
    • Also available on Lexis .

  • White & Summers' Uniform Commercial Code (5th ed., 2002 - ), KF890 .W453 2002
    White & Summers' Uniform Commercial Code is a practice guide that provides an accurate analysis of the Code and proposes resolutions of common issues of interpretation.

  • Williston on Sales (5th ed., 1994), KF915 .W5
    This multi-volume treatise provides comprehensive coverage and in-depth analysis of sales law and focuses on the sections under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) governing sales transactions. Topics addressed include the contract of sale, rules of construction , statute of frauds and warranties. Updated with pocket parts.

B. Academic Journals

Commercial law is covered by most general law journals, and researchers should search general journal databases to find articles on any commercial law topic. In addition, the Law Library also subscribes to some journals that are devoted to commercial law.

  • Commercial Law Bulletin (1986 - 2004) K3 .O498
    • Also available online .
    • Now titled Debt Cubed - see below 

  • Commercial Law Journal (1930 - 2002) K3 .O5
    • Also available online .
    • Now titled DePaul Business & Commercial Law Journal - see below

  • Debt Cubed (2004 - ) K3 .O498
    • Formerly titled Commercial Law Bulletin - see above

  • DePaul Business & Commercial Law Journal (2002 - ) K4 .E5904
  • DePaul Business Law Journal (1989 - 2002) K4 .E59
    • Also available online .
    • Now titled DePaul Business & Commercial Law Journal - see above

  • Uniform Commercial Code Law Journal (1968 - ) K25 .N37
    • Not available online

C. News and Current Awareness

  • Corporate Counsel's Commercial Law Advisor (1990 - ), KF1507 .B345
    Monthly newsletter providing recent commercial law developments, articles, case summaries, seminar reports, and forms.
    • Not available electronically.

  • The Uniform Commercial Code Law Letter (2008 - )
    Text of the Uniform Commercial Code Law Letter, a monthly newsletter edited by William H. Henning and Fred H. Miller that reports on legal trends affecting commercial transactions, including proposed drafts and revisions of the Uniform Commercial Code, including Consumer Credit Report, a review of truth-in-lending developments by Fred Miller.

D. Study Aids

  • Payments Law in a Nutshell (2005), KF957.Z9 N528
    This study guide outlines the law of payments by cash, check and electronic fund transfer. A table of statutes and regulations is included.

  • Sales and Leases of Goods in a Nutshell (4th ed., 2003), KF915.Z957
    Articles 2 and 2A of the UCC are the primary focus of this introductory text. It covers terms of the contract, as well as performance; third-party title and rights; risk of loss; warranty obligations; repudiation, breach, and excuse; and remedies.

  • Uniform Commercial Code in a Nutshell (6th ed., 2005), KF889.3.S68
    This basic study guide covers the process of selling, payment, negotiation, shipping, storage, financing sales, and leasing of goods.