Tax Research - State and Local Guide

This guide serves as a starting point for conducting research in state tax laws.


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Secondary Sources


  • State Taxation, Jerome R. Hellerstein and Walter Hellerstein (3d ed. 1998) (KF6750 .H44 1998)
    • Print version (KF6750 .H44 1998 - 2008).  The print subscription was cancelled in 2008 and is no longer current.
    • Two-volume treatise on state and local taxation. Volume I examines laws relating to corporate income and franchise taxation. Volume II discusses sales and use taxes, personal income taxes, and estate taxes.
  • Bloomberg Law: State Tax Portfolios
    • Print version (KF6750.A6 T272 1994 - )
    • A multi-volume compilation of portfolios on corporate income taxes, business entities and transactions, business credits and incentives, compensation and benefits, personal income taxes and other additional topics.
  • State Tax Guide (use the Contents menu on the left to navigate), CCH.
    • Print version (KF6750.A6 C66 1980 - 2008).  The print subscription was cancelled in 2008 and is no longer current.
    • This handy reference provides charts for easy determination of the taxes levied in every state. Summarizes state statutes.
  • All States Tax Guide, RIA (KF6750.A6 A4 1960 - )
    • This service contains summaries of all taxes levied in each state, and includes citations to primary resources.
  • State Tax Handbook, CCH (KF6750 .C65 1999 - )
    • This quick reference guide provides overviews of the taxation schemes of each state and the District of Columbia.


The following journals specialize in state tax law:

The following journals do not specialize in state tax law, but nonetheless may be useful resources:

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