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Presidential Documents Research Guide

This guide focuses on the most important Presidential documents for legal research: Executive Orders and proclamations.


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Presidential Proclamations

Presidential proclamations are announcements of policy from the President. The vast majority of proclamations are issued to announce and support a ceremonial event, such as National African American History Month or National Hurricane Awareness Week. There are, however, some substantive proclamations that deal with tariff or other trade issues that are important for research purposes.

All proclamations are first published in the Federal Register. They are compiled annually in Title 3 of the Code of Federal Regulations. The Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents and United States Code Congressional and Administrative News also publish presidential proclamations.

Substantive proclamations are codified in the Codification of Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders. Unfortunately, this codification has not been updated since 1989. The status of presidential proclamations as of January 20, 1989 can be found by using the disposition tables of the Codification either on the web or in print. To update after 1989, use the tables in Title 3 of the CFR and the monthly lists in the Federal Register.

Where to Find Proclamations:

Source Database Name/Call Number Dates of Coverage


United States Code Congressional and Administrative News: Presidential Proclamations

1984 - present


Proclamations Issued by President Trump

1/23/17 - present


Federal Register - Proclamations are published in the "Presidential Documents" section

1994 - present


Code of Federal Regulations - Substantive proclamations are codified in Title 3 each year

1997 - present


Codification of Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders

4/13/1945 through 1/20/89


Federal Register - KF70 .A2 (older issues on microfiche in Media Services)

1936 - present


Code of Federal Regulations (Title 3) ‹ KF70 .A3

 1966 - present


Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents ‹ KF70 .A4

 1965 - present


Codification of Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders - KF70 .A473 1945-1989

4/13/1945 through 1/20/89