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Legal History: Anglo American Juries Research Guide

This guide identifies general and primary sources for jury legal history.

Practice Books

Practice books are the precursors to the modern digests and form books. They assisted the attorney with his practice in general or in specific areas, i.e., criminal law, evidence, real property, etc. They contain a hodge-podge of materials, from pleadings to forms, to best practices of the time. Below are just a few examples of what is available in the Library.

K150 .N45 Micro
John F. Archbold, The Practice of the Court of King's Bench in Personal Actions, and Ejectment (2 vols. New-York: S. Gould 1823).

This and other editions are available in microfilm and in the database The Making of Modern Law.

The Attorney‰s Compleat Guide in the Court of King‰s Bench (London: W. Strahan & M. Woodfall 1773).

KD6881 .C76 1780
George Crompton, Practice Common-Placed. Or, the Rules and Cases of Practice in the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas, Methodically Arranged (London: Printed by W. Strahan & M. Woodfall 1780).

KD7312 .D34 1682 Folio
Michael Dalton, Officium Vicecomitum: The Office and Authority of Sheriffs Gathered Out of the Statutes, and Books of the Common Laws of This Kingdom (London: Printed by the assigns of Richard Atkins & Edward Atkins 1682).

KD6939 .H3 1779 Quarto
Joseph Harrison, The Accomplish‰d Practiser in the High Court of Chancery (2 vols. London: T. Whieldon & T. Waller, 6th ed. 1779).

KD6896 .I46 1788 Quarto
John Impey, The New Instructor Clericalis, Stating the Authority, Jurisdiction, and Modern Practice, of the Court of King's Bench (London: Printed for the author by His Majesty's law printers, 4th ed. 1788).

Several editions are available.

KD7312 .I46 1786 Quarto
John Impey, The Office of Sheriff, Shewing Its History and Antiquity, the Manner of Appointing the High Sheriff, His Under Sheriff, and Other Deputies; Together With Their Respective Powers and Duties -- Particularly With Regard to the County-Court, Sessions, Circuit, Arrests on Mesne Process, Bail, Juries, Executions, Escapes, Rescues, and Replevins (London: Printed for the author by His Majesty's law printers 1786).

KD6939 .R34 1780 Eldon E-146
John Mitford, A Treatise on the Pleadings in Suits in the Court of Chancery by English Bill (London: Printed for W. Owen 1780).

KD530 .E53 Micro H-1900
Registrum Omni? Breuium Tam Originali? Qm Judicialium (Londini: Apud Guilielmum Rastell 1531).

A very early guide to writs for judges.

KD6896 .R53 1743 Quarto
Robert Richardson, The Attorney‰s Practice in the Court of King‰s Bench (2 vols. London: T. Woodward, 2d ed.1743).

KD6881 .S44 1793 Quarto
Baker John Sellon, The Practice of the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas (2 vols. Dublin: Printed by H. Fitzpatrick 1793-1795).

KD671 .S89 1707 Octavo
William Style, Style‰s Practical Register: Begun in the Reign of King Charles I Consisting of Rules, Orders, and the Principal Observations Concerning the Practice of the Common Law in the Courts at Westminster (London: C. Harper, et al., 4th ed.1707).

S-1490, S-1491
William Tidd, Practical Forms, Being Chiefly Designed as an Appendix to the Practice of the Court of King‰s Bench in Personal Actions (Albany, N.Y.: Charles R. & George Webster 1803) (reprint from the London ed.).

S-1488, S-1489 William Tidd, Practice of the Court of King's Bench, In Personal Actions (2 vols. Philadelphia: William P. Farrand, 1st American from London ed.1807).

KD7325 .T53 1828a
William Tidd, Practice of the Courts of King‰s Bench, and Common Pleas, In Personal Actions, and Ejectment (2 vols. London: Butterworths, 9th ed.1828).

Special Collections also has the 1828 American ed. (M-1159, M-1160) and the 1840 American ed. (M-1157, M-1158). Other editions are in Wolff Library.