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International and Foreign Tax Law Research Guide

This guide is a starting point for researching international and foreign tax law.

Other Research Guides

For additional information and guidance on international and comparative tax law, consult the following online research guides:

  • Foreign & International Tax Research (NYU Law Library)
  • International Tax Law (GlobaLex, a free resource hosted by NYU)
    Focuses primarily on U.S. international tax law.
  • Tax Law (Bodleian Law Library at Oxford University)
    Focuses primarily on U.K. tax law, but also includes information about international, comparative, and EU tax law)

Update History

  • Updated 01/2019 (chb)
  • Updated 01/2017 (chb)
  • Revised 01/2016 (chb)
  • Updated 08/2013 (jz)
  • Revised 02/2013 (jz)
  • Updated 05/2011 (mms)
  • Updated 08/2008 (ras)
  • Created 01/2007 (sk)