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Executive Nomination Process Research Guide

This research guide provides links to resources that discuss the executive nomination process and will focus on the top advisory positions, such as Cabinet members and White House staff.


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Senate Hearings

The Senate committees hear testimony on proposed nominees in order to determine whether or not to approve the presidential nominee. The reality is that over 98% of the nominations are approved, but the Hearings often provide interesting insight into the nominee and the Cabinet position.

Members of the Georgetown Univerisity Law Center community have a number of ways to access these hearings. One way is to search for these hearings using the ProQuest Congressional database.

Other ways to access hearings electronically are outlined below:

ELECTRONIC RESOURCE: CONTENTS: (free web) Selected hearings from 104th Congress (1995) to present
Capitol Hearings CSPAN links to the Congressional Committees Link to Congressional committee pages with hearings
Lexis Legislation & Politics - U.S. & U.K.> U.S. Congress> CQ Congressional Testimony. Selected transcripts from 103rd Congress (1993) to present
Westlaw US Congressional Testimony database. Selected transcripts from 103rd Congress (1993) to present

For information on print and microfilm holdings of Senate hearings, consult our Legislative History Research Guide.

ProQuest Congressional & Legislative Insight Tutorial

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Covers finding Bills, Reports, and Compiled Legislative Histories on ProQuest Congressional and Legislative Insight.