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Economics Research Guide

Dictionaries, treatises and journals on law and economics are detailed in this guide.


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Law and Economics

Law and economics have long been seen as complementary disciplines, but the development of the modern "law and economics" movement is typically associated with scholarship from The University of Chicago's Law School starting in the mid-twentieth century. Generally, scholarship in this field seeks to apply principles of economic efficiency to interpretation of the law. Prominent figures associated with this movement include Nobel laureate Ronald Coase, who authored "The Problem of Social Cost" in 1960, and Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Richard Posner, who has written many books and articles, including the casebook Economic Analysis of Law.

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Reference Books

Books and Treatises

You can find books and treatises on economics by searching the Law Library catalog and HoyaSearch (Main Campus Libraries catalog) by keywords or subject headings. You can also search by Subject in Worldcat to find resources held by other libraries that you would then request through interlibrary loan. Some of the subject headings you can use in library catalogs are:


The following non-exhaustive list includes journals that deal specifically with the discipline of Law and Economics. Many of the publications are available through multiple subscription databases though the coverage dates may vary by database. Many of these publications are also available for print and can be found by doing a title search in the library catalog.

Law and Economics Organizations