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This State Guide lists the major sources of law in Wyoming.


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Databases WY Cases on Lexis: Supreme Court cases from 1870. WY Cases on Westlaw: Supreme Court of the Territory of Wyoming: 1870 - 1890; Supreme Court begins with 1890. WY Cases on Bloomberg Law: Supreme Court begins with 1870.
State Websites Wyoming Supreme Court Opinions (Wyo. Jud. Branch): Coverage from 2006.    

Historical Cases

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Court Records & Documents

  • Some Briefs and Trial Court Documents may be available on Westlaw.
  • CourtLink and  Briefs, Pleadings and Motions may be found on Lexis.
  • To locate state court materials not available within Westlaw, Lexis or Bloomberg Law, see Dockets & Court Documents page in our Briefs, Oral Arguments and Other Court Documents Research Guide.
  • Some state appellate courts may make recordings of oral arguments and hearings available on their web sites.
  • The Law Library's ILL Services, a library-to-library resource sharing service, does not order court materials from a court's clerk. Please contact the court directly for copies.

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