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This state guide lists the major sources of law in Indiana.


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Print Regulations

Indiana Administrative Code (Ind. Admin. Code)

Publication ceased (per Indiana State Library).

Superseded Ind. Admin. Code in print and Ind. Admin. Code as CD-ROM (ceased in 2003) may be locally held at the Library of Congress.

West's Indiana Administrative Code (Ind. Admin. Code (West)

Library of Congress: Ind. Admin. Code (West)

Research Guide

More on Regulations in General

In Westlaw, see also historical regulationscurrently proposed & adopted regulations, and regulation tracking which can be found on the state's Regulations page.

State registers and regulation tracking are offered by Lexis, found on its Administrative Codes & Regulations.

In Bloomberg Law, proposed, final, emergency, temporary, and interim rules, plus regulatory notices can be found under Rulemaking within the State Laws & Regulation collection.