Legal Ethics and Legal Profession Research Guide

This guide focuses on the codes of professional ethics and ethics opinions from the American Bar Association and state bar associations. This guide also identifies resources for researching management of law offices and corporate legal departments.

Research Institutes

Several law schools sponsor research initiatives which focus on the legal profession including:

  • Center on Ethics and the Legal Profession - This Georgetown Law center is dedicated to "interdisciplinary research and analysis of the nature of lawyers' ethical responsibilities, the roles that lawyers play and the demands that they face in different practice settings, and developments in law practice that help shape lawyers' understanding of themselves as professionals and the distinctive ethical values that this involves."
  • Center on the Global Legal Profession - At the Indiana University Maurer School of Law, this center focuses on applied research and looks to "incorporate cutting-edge research to teach today's students how to be the great lawyers of tomorrow."
  • Program on the Legal Profession - The mission of this Harvard Law program" is to increase understanding of the structures and norms of the legal profession in the United States and around the world, through research, scholarship and teaching."
  • Stanford Center on the Legal Profession - The research at this center focuses on professional responsibility and the structure of legal practice.