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Aviation Law Research Guide

This guide is intended to facilitate research on aviation law in both primary and secondary materials.


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Getting Started with Aviation Law

Aviation law is that which specifically governs aircraft and their operation. It can include both federal and state law and regulations and can include issues related to corporate/contract, admiralty, transportation, and international law. 

This guide highlights selected secondary sources for aviation law, and links to sources for primary law.  Use the table of contents to the left to navigate to the different pages within this guide.

Major Federal Legislation

The legislation listed below are some of the foundational laws for aviation regulation in the United States. 

Air Mail Act of 1925 (PL68-359, 43 Stat. 805)
Air Commerce Act 1926 (PL64-254, 44 Stat. 568)
Civil Aeronautics Act 1938 (PL75-706, 52 Stat. 973)
Federal Aviation Act 1958 (PL85-726, 72 Stat. 731)



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