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Mexican Legal Research

This is a brief guide to researching Mexican Law.

Other Research Guides & Other Resources

Want more information about Mexican law research? These other research guides may help.

  • An Electronic Guide to Mexican Law (GlobaLex)
    This 2009 version of this guide, has annotated links organized by such topics as NAFTA, political parties, as well as an overview of where to locate legal materials primarily in Spanish online.
  • The Federal Civil Code of Mexico (LLRX)
    Though a little dated (2005) this provides a focused review of the history of the Federal Code, as well as some unique aspects of the code.
  • Electronic Guide to the Best Mexican Law Websites (LLRX)
    An extensive overview of the Mexican legal system, including a section on international treaties.
  • Mexico (Law Library of Congress)
    Nicely annotated links to legal materials, as well as to more general and interdisciplinary resources on Mexico.
  • Mexican Law Research Guide (Tarlton Law Library)
    Click on the primary and secondary tabs for further information and nicely annotated links.
  • International Judicial Assistance: Mexico (U.S. Dept. of State)
    A brief but useful overview of some basic judicial questions e.g. process of service, authentication of documents, list of consulates and embassies.
  • Mexican Law with Professor Jorge A. Vargas
    This site has some really useful sections