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Corporate Law Research Guide

This guide is for students conducting introductory research in the law of corporations, agency, partnerships, and other business organizations.


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Secondary Sources


  • Blumberg on Corporate Groups (2nd. ed., 2005 - ) KF1465 .B59, available electronically throughCCH.
    This treatise provides multi-volume treatment of corporate groups and the legal interrelationships of their component parent, subsidiary, and affiliated companies. Many areas of law are covered including health care, bankruptcy, jurisdiction, banking and financial services to name just a few. No longer updated annually in print.

  • CCH Business Strategies
    Part of the CCH Tax Research NetWork, this resource "covers business planning issues encountered by business advisors and entrepreneurs. As a planning resource, the library offers a blend of business law, tax law, human resources and accounting information."
  • Corporation Law (2000), KF1413 .G49 2000
    Hornbook providing in-depth treatment of corporation law including formation, financial structure, governance, duties of directors and officers, and special problems of closely held corporations, securities fraud and regulation, mergers and acquisitions. Kept up to date by pocket supplements.

  • Cox & Hazen on Corporations (2nd., 2003), KF1414 .B33 2003, available electronically onWestlaw.Major treatise on corporations and business law. Provides comprehensive analysis of all areas of corporate law and most significant provisions of the federal securities laws. Kept up to date with supplements.
  • Delaware Law of Corporations and Business Organizations (3rd. ed., 1997 - ), KFD213 .B35 1997 
    Major treatise providing coverage Delaware corporation law including all aspects of establishing and operating organizations incorporated in Delaware.
  • Fletcher Cyclopedia of the Law of Private Corporations (1999 - ) KF1384 .F55
    The classic treatise on corporate law is this authoritative multi-volume resource which provides guidance on all areas. Kept up to date by cumulative pocket supplements and replacement volumes.
  • Folk on the Delaware General Corporation Law (4th ed., 1999 - ), KFD213 .F594 
    Major corporation law treatise covering Delaware corporate law. Treatise is organized by code section and provides annotations to statutes and judicial decisions.
  • Law of Agency and Partnership (3rd. ed., 2001) KF1345 .R48
    This treatise is a basic West hornbook on the law of agency, covering topics such as ratification, termination of agent's powers, master and servant and duties of agent to principal. The appendices include the Uniform Partnership Act, Uniform Limited Partnership Act and the Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act. Kept up to date by pocket supplements.

  • Macey on Corporation Law (1998 - ) KF1414 .M24
    This treatise examines the Model Business Corporation Act, the Delaware General Corporation Act and the ALI's Principles of Corporate Governance. All statutory text sections are followed by an area of analysis, comment and statutory comparison, as well as selected references and cases. Updated by supplementary pages at least annually.
  • Restatement of the Law Third. Agency. (2006) KF395.A2 A35
    Adopted in 2005 and published in 2006, the third Restatement of Agency includes the American Law Institute's analysis of the black letter law. Numerous case citations are included. Updated with pocket parts and supplementary volumes.

Academic Journals

  • American Business Law Journal (1963 - 2008, now canceled) K1 .M23
  • The Business Lawyer (1946 - ) K2 .U7
  • Columbia Business Law Review (1986 - ) K3 .O359
  • The Delaware Journal of Corporate Law (1976 - ) K4 .E38
  • The Journal of Corporation Law (1975/76 - ) K10 .O283

News & Current Awareness

Note that while some BNA corporate law titles are listed here, this is not an exhaustive list of BNA's relevant materials. Please see our Bloomberg BNA Library for more corporate law resources.

  • Bloomberg BNA Corporate Governance Report (1998 - )
    A biweekly publication that reports on and analyzes activities in the courts, Congress and state legislatures, state and federal regulatory agencies, and the private sector relating to corporate and business law.
  • Bloomberg BNA Corporate Law Daily
    Corporate Law Daily: A daily newsletter updating judicial, legislative, regulatory, and tax issues that affect corporate practice.
  • Corporate Governance Library
    The Corporate Governance Library includes the Corporate Governance Report plus the complete text of Title 8 (Corporations) of the Delaware Code. The Corporate Governance Manual contains analysis of the issues affecting corporate governance.
  • Corporate Practice Library
    "Features in-depth analysis and practical guidance from expert legal practitioners in over 60 portfolios, plus the latest news in the Corporate Counsel Weekly." This is the online version of Corporate Practice Series.
  • Corporate Practice Series (1978 - ) KF1397 .C654
    "Features in-depth analysis and practical guidance from expert legal practitioners in over 60 portfolios, plus the latest news in the Corporate Counsel Weekly." This is the print version of Corporate Practice Library.

  • Delaware Corporation Law UpdateAttorney's Edition (1996 - ) (No print version available)
    Detailed analyses of all important decisions,published and unpublished,from the Delaware Court of Chancery, the Delaware Superior Court, the Delaware Supreme Court, and the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware that involve corporate governance issues.

Study Aids

  • Agency, Partnership, and the LLC in a Nutshell (2008) KF1375.Z9 H95
    A basic overview of the major topics associated with agency and partnership law is provided in this nutshell. It touches on the agency relationship, internal versus external matters and the law of unincorporated business enterprises. The Appendices include the Uniform Partnership Acts of 1914 and 1997, as well as the Uniform Limited Liability Company Act.
  • Business Associations in a Nutshell (2nd ed., 2006) KF1384.Z9 S52
    This nutshell is written for students taking an introductory corporate law course (business associations, business organizations, etc.). Chapters focus on the formation, governance, dissolution, and financing of corporations, as well as other topics. Includes an index and a table of cases.

  • Corporations : Examples and Explanations (5th ed., 2006 - ), KF1414.3 .S658
    This study guide covers all aspects of corporations from formation to shareholder voting rights to liquidity rights to fundamental corporate changes. This guide is written for the law student.

  • The Law of Corporations in a Nutshell (5th ed., 2000), KF1414.3 .H35
    This is one of the lengthiest nutshells in print, indicating how complicated the law of corporations can be. Written as a study guide, this treatise touches on modern business forms, preincorporation transactions, shares and shareholders, and closely held, as well as publicly held corporations. An extensive glossary is included.

  • Understanding Corporate Law (1999) KF1414 .P56
    Part of the Matthew Bender "Understanding" series, this title covers the basic material taught in standard courses in corporations and business associations. In fourteen chapters, the authors cover broad subject areas such as corporate formation, fiduciary duty, piercing the corporate veil, and mergers and acquisitions. Includes an index and tables of statutes and cases.