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This State Guide lists the major sources of law in Texas.


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Print Statutes:

Vernon's Texas Codes Annotated (VTCA) (West). Call Number: STATE 1st FLR KFT1230.5.V4 (currently updated in Law Library).

Agriculture: KFT1230.5.V4 A2 Insurance: KFT1230.5.V4 I57
Alcoholic Beverage: KFT1230.5.V4 A4 Labor: KFT1230.5.V4 L32
Business & Commerce: KFT1230.5.V4 B8 Local Government: KFT1230.5.V4 L62
Business Organizations: KFT1230.5.V4 B88 Natural Resources: KFT1230.5.V4 N3
Civil Practice & Remedies: KFT1230.5.V4 C3 Occupations: KFT1230.5.V4 O22
Education: KFT1230.5.V4 E3 Parks & Wildlife: KFT1230.5.V4 P3
Election: KFT1230.5.V4 E5 Penal: KFT1230.5.V4 P4
Estates: KFT1230.5.V4 E88 Property: KFT1230.5.V4 P7
Family: KFT1230.5.V4 F35 Special District Local Laws: KFT1230.5.V4 P72
Finance: KFT1230.5.V4 F56 Tax: KFT1230.5.V4 T2 2008
Government: KFT1230.5.V4 G7 Transportation: KFT1230.5.V4 T72
Health & Safety: KFT1230.5.V4 H42 Utilities: KFT1230.5.V4 U8
Human Resources: KFT1230.5.V4 H8 Water: KFT1230.5.V4 W3

More on Legislative History

In Westlaw, see also state legislative historystatutes annotated - historicalbill trackingbill tracking historical, and proposed & enacted legislation.

In Lexis, full-text bills, advance legislative service, and legislative bill history may be in Statutes and Legislation.

In Bloomberg Law, text of enacted legislation may be found through State Laws & Regulations > Legislative > Session Laws or Acts.

LLMC Digital may contain digitized historical senate and house journals as well as historical state statutes and/or session laws (Online Services > Browse Collections > U.S. States and Territories > State Name > Legislative).