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This is a subject listing of resources for legal forms.


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Advising the Elderly Client. Available on Westlaw

Elder Law Form Finder. Available on Westlaw

The Elder Law Portfolio SeriesKF390 .A4 E429. (Canceled in 2012.)

Tax, Estate & Financial Planning for the Elderly. Available on Lexis


Oehmke Commercial Arbitration. KF9085 .O45. See extensive Forms listing in Index.

Alternative Dispute Resolution with Forms. KF9085 .G74.

Arbitration forms from Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service 

Art (see also Intellectual Property)

Art Law: The Guide for Collectors, Investors, Dealers, and Artists. KF390.A7 L47 and Bloomberg Law.


Business (see also Uniform Commercial Code) 

Advising Small Businesses: Forms, Alberty. Available on Westlaw

Advising The Small Business : Forms and Advice for the Legal Practitioner, Batman. KF1659 .B38.

Bloomberg Law Transactional Intelligence Center

Founder's WorkbenchGuidance for the start-up corporation. The Document Driver includes a suite of forms necessary for starting up a Delaware corporation.

Selections for Contracts: Statutes, Restatement Second, FormsKF801 .S44. See Selected Forms, p. 160-91.

Hillman on Commercial Loan DocumentationKF1035 .H54 and PLI Plus

Williston on Contracts: Forms. KF801.W53 and Westlaw


The ICC Model Distributorship Contract: Sole Importer-DistributorK3943.A52 I33. This is a set of uniform contractual rules for parties engaged in international trade.


Child Custody (see Family Law)

Commercial (see Business)

Computer (see also Intellectual Property)

Computer Contracts. Available on Lexis

Corporate Counsel's Guide to Technology Management and Transactions. Available on Westlaw.

Nichols Cyclopedia of Legal Forms Annotated. KF170 .N53 and Westlaw. Most comprehensive set of computer forms among the general forms books. Includes software, employment, and Internet agreements.

Scott on Information Technology. Available on Westlaw

Computer Software: Protection, Liability, Law, Forms, Kutten. KF3024 .C6 K88 and Westlaw. Forms related to intellectual property issues.


Morgan and Stedman on Computer Contracts. KD1642 .C65 M67. See Precedents page 251.


Sweet On Construction Industry Contracts : Major AIA Documents. KF902 .S936 and Westlaw

Forms and Substance: Specialized Agreements for the Construction Project, ABA Forum on the Construction Industry. KF801 .F67.

Legal Guide to AIA (American Institute of Architects) Documents, Sabo. KF902 .S22 and Westlaw.


Consumer Credit Regulation, available online.

Pratt's Truth-in-Lending Manual. KF1040 C.54 2001.

Selling Products and Services and Licensing Software Online : An Interactive Guide with Legal Forms and Commentary to Privacy, Security, and Consumer Law Issues, ABA Section of Business Law. HF5548.32 .A44

Contracts (see Business)

Copyright (see Intellectual Property)


Bloomberg Law Transactional Intelligence Center

Founder's WorkbenchGuidance for the start-up corporation. The Document Driver includes a suite of forms necessary for starting up a Delaware corporation.

The In-House Counsel's Essential Toolkit, ABA Committee on Corporate Counsel, KF1425 .I64.

Nonprofit Corporation Forms Handbook, Kirschten. KF1388 .A65 K57 and Westlaw

State of Delaware Corporate and UCC Forms and Certificates

Criminal Law

Bender's Federal Practice Forms. Available on LexisOrganized so that forms follow applicable Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure. 

Complete Manual of Criminal Forms. Available on Westlaw.

Criminal Procedure Form Finder. Available on Westlaw.


Divorce (see Family Law)


Employment (see Labor and Employment)

Entertainment (see also Intellectual Property)

The Biz: The Basic Business, Legal, and Financial Aspects of the Film Industry, Moore. KF4302.M66.

Entertainment Law: Legal Concepts and Business Practices, Selz. KF4290 .S44 and Westlaw. See Appendices for forms.

Lindey on Entertainment, Publishing and the Arts: Agreements and the Law. KF2991.5 L73 and Westlaw.

Entertainment Law: Forms and Analysis. Available on Lexis


Entertainment Law: A Guide to Contracts in the Film Industry, Mosawi. K1474 .M67.

Environmental Law

ENFLEX: Environmental, Health & Safety Forms. Available on Westlaw.

Environmental Form Finder. Available on Westlaw

Environmental Law Forms Guide, Mays. Available on Westlaw.

Forms from Environmental Law Practice Guide. Available on Lexis.

Handling the Land Use Case: Land Use Law, Practice & Forms. Available on Westlaw.

Estate Planning (see Wills, Trusts, and Estates)


Family Law (includes Child CustodyDivorce, and Gender Law). Many family law forms are state specific, so run a keyword search in the library catalog using the state and the word forms. For example, Virginia forms.

Family Law Form Finder. Available on Westlaw

Mediating Child Custody Disputes: a Strategic Approach, Saposnek. KF547 .S26. See Appendix C - F.

Child Custody Practice & Procedure, Elrod. Available on Westlaw

Child Custody and Visitation Law and Practice. Available on Lexis

Drafting Prenuptial Agreements, Skloff et al. Available on Westlaw.

Handbook on the Indian Child Welfare Act, Hager. KF8210 .C45 H24. See Section Four - Forms.

The Special Needs Child and Divorce: A Practical Guide to Evaluating and Handling Cases, Price. KF547 .P73.

The Complete Guide to Divorce Practice: Forms and Procedures for the Lawyer , Rice. KF533.5 .R53.

Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Clients: A Lawyer's Guide, Burda. KF337.5.G38 B87. Appendix C: Forms.

Sexual Orientation and the Law, Achtenberg. Available on Westlaw.


International Child Abductions: A Guide to Applying the Hague Convention, with Forms. KF547 .I53.

Living Together Precedents, Bowler. KD771 .B69.

Federal Practice and Procedure (Civil, Criminal, Appellate, etc.)

American Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms AnnotatedKF8836 .A45 and Westlaw. Provides forms for all types of pleading and procedural steps in civil proceedings, state and federal, including jury instructions. 

Bender's Federal Practice Forms. Available on Lexis. Organized so that forms follow applicable Federal Rule of Civil or Criminal Procedure.

West's Federal Forms, KF8836 .W4. Available on Westlaw.

Federal Procedural Forms, KF8717.F4 and Westlaw. Practice-oriented forms for federal judicial and administrative proceedings. 

Nichols Cyclopedia of Federal Procedure Forms, available on Westlaw.

Federal Civil Judicial Procedure and Rules, KF8816 .A194. Appendix of forms for federal rules of civil and appellate procedure.

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. KF8816. A2 A2Westlaw, and current and archival copies available online for free. Look in the appendix of forms. 

The Judicial Code and Rules of Procedure in the Federal Courts, KF8815 .A2. Appendix of forms for federal rules of civil and appellate procedure.

Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit: Practice & Procedure: Appeal & Review of Patent and Trademark Cases, available on Lexis


Gender Law ( see Family Law)


Health Law

Health Care Law: A Practical Guide. Available on Lexis.

Health Law Form Finder. Available on Westlaw

Health Law Practice Guide. Available on Westlaw

Medicare and Medicaid Guide, KF3608 .A4 C64.

Durable Powers of Attorney and Health Care DirectivesKF1348 .D8 D7 and Westlaw

The Practical Guide to HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance, KF3827 .R4 B43

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services forms


Housing Discrimination Practice Manual, KF8925.D5 R45 and Westlaw

Housing Discrimination: Law and Litigation, KF5740. S39 and Westlaw. See Appendix D: Attorney's Forms.

Fair Housing Litigation Handbook, KF 5740 .Z8. See Appendices.

Cooperative Housing Law and Practice - Forms. Available on Lexis



Immigration Law Form Finder. Available on Westlaw

Immigration Law and Procedure, KF4819 .G62 and LexisSee extensive listing of forms in Index.

Immigration Law Service 2nd, KF4815 .I45 and WestlawSee vol. 8, Index for forms. 

Immigration Procedures Handbook. Available on Westlaw

Labor Certification Handbook. Available on Westlaw

Immigration Official Forms. Available on Westlaw

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services forms 


Couch on Insurance 3rd Forms. Available on Westlaw

New Appleman Insurance Law Practice Guide. Available on Lexis

Insurance Defense Form Finder. Available on Westlaw.

The Insured Stock Purchase Agreement: With Sample Forms, KF1448 .B76

The Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust: Forms with Drafting Notes, KF736 .L4 B76

Intellectual Property (includes PatentsTrademarkCopyright, and Trade Secrets) (see also Computer

Nimmer on Copyright. Available on Lexis

Bloomberg Law Transactional Resources

Intellectual Property Licensing: Forms and Analysis. Available on Lexis

Patent Law: A Practitioner's Guide,  KF3098 .H54

Patents Form Finder. Available on Westlaw

Trademark Law Practice Forms. Available on Westlaw

Kane on Trademark Law: A Practitioner's Guide, KF 3180 .K36Bloomberg Law, and PLI Discover Plus. See Appendices.

Goldstein on Copyright, KF2994 .G65

Copyright Law in Business & Practice, KF2994 .H35 and Westlaw. See Forms in index. 

Copyright Registration Practice. (2nd ed.), KF3004 .H29. See Appendix B Selected Copyright Forms.

Computer Software: Protection, Liability, Law, Forms, Westlaw.  See appendices at end of each chapter.  

Emerging Technologies and the Law: Forms and Analysis, KF390.5.C6 E465 and Lexis

U.S. Copyright Office forms

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office forms 


World Patent Law and PracticeK1504 .W67 and Lexis

Copinger and Skone James on Copyright, KD1289 .C6


Joint Ventures

Corporate Counsel's Guide to Strategic AlliancesWestlaw. See Forms section at the end of each chapter. 

Partnerships and Joint Ventures Involving Tax-Exempt Organizations, KF1388 .S26. Updated with bound supplements. See appendices for sample and IRS forms. 

Structuring and Drafting Partnership Agreements: Including LLC Agreements, KF6452 .M26 and Westlaw


A Guide to International Joint Ventures: With Sample ClausesK1309 .W65

Transnational Joint Ventures. Available on Westlaw

Jury Instructions 

See our Jury Instructions Research Guide.



Labor and Employment

All Labor and Employment Law Forms, Lexis.

Labor and Employment Law Practice Center. Available on Bloomberg Law. See Trackers and Practice Tools.

Labor Relations ReporterKF3315 .B95 (see Labor Relations Expediter ** volume) and Bloomberg Law (see Forms and Instructions). 

Collective Bargaining Negotiations and Contracts. Available on Bloomberg Law. See Practice Tools. 

Labor Certification Handbook, KF4819 .I4842 and Westlaw

Employment Law Checklists and Forms, Westlaw

Investigating Employee Conduct, Westlaw.

Legal Guide to Human Resources, KF3319 .P47 and Westlaw

Covenants Not to Compete: A State-by-State Survey, KF898 .C68 and Bloomberg Law.

Department of Labor forms 

Law Practice

How to Manage Your Law Office. Available on Lexis.

Law Office Policy & Procedures Manual (6th ed.), KF318 .R64

The Electronic Evidence and Discovery Handbook : Forms, Checklists, and Guidelines, KF8947 .N45.  

The Lawyer's Desk Guide to Preventing Legal Malpractice, KF313 .L393

How to Draft Bills Clients Rush to Pay, KF316 .M64. See Figures for sample forms.

Letters for Litigators: Essential Communications for Opposing Counsel, Witnesses, Clients and OthersKF170.S53

Leases (see Real Estate)


Eckstrom's Licensing in Foreign and Domestic Operations: the Forms and Substance of Licensing, KF3147.A6 E34 and Westlaw.

Drafting License Agreements (3d ed.), KF2979 .D69 and Westlaw.

Licensing of Intellectual Property, Lexis. See Appendix.

Milgrim on Licensing, Lexis.


Forms and Agreements on Intellectual Property and International Licensing, KD1269 .M45

Living Will (see Wills, Trusts, & Estates)

Loans (see Business)


Marital Contracts (see Family Law)



Oil and Gas

The Law of Oil and Gas: With Forms, Summers. KF1849 .S83 and Westlaw

A Treatise on the Law of Oil and Gas: Including Forms, Statutes, Regulations, Kuntz. KF1849 .K8. See vol. 7, and Lexis.

Oil and Gas Law, Williams & Meyers, Lexis


Patents (see Intellectual Property)

Personal Injury

Forms from Personal Injury: Actions, Defenses, Damages, Lexis.

Systematic Settlements: 3D: A Practical Guide for the Personal Injury Specialist, Hornwood. KF1257.A3 H67

Handbook of Personal Injury Forms and Litigation Materials, Swartz. Westlaw



Real Estate

Real Property Law Form Finder. Available on Westlaw

Current Leasing Law and Techniques: Forms on Lexis.

Friedman on Contracts and Conveyances of Real PropertyKF670 .F7 and PLI Discover Plus

Tax Planning for Real Estate Transactions, Tucker. KF6540 .T83 and Westlaw

Commercial Real Estate Law Practice Manual, McAndrews. KF572 .M38

Managing Corporate Real Estate: Forms and Procedures, Brown. HD1394.5 .U6 B76 . See List of Exhibits on p. xxv.

Holtzschue on Real Estate Contracts and Closings. KF665 .Z9 H58 and Bloomberg Law

Holtzschue, Purchase and Sale of Real Property. Available on Lexis.

Real Estate, Larsen, Carey, & Carey. KF2042.R4 L38

Right to Die (see Wills, Trusts, & Estates)



Securities Law Form Finder. Available on Westlaw

Securities Regulation: Selected Statutes, Rules and FormsKF1433 .99 .S42. Includes forms for 1933 and 1934 Acts.

Bender's Federal Securities Act of 1933. KF1436.5 .F42. (see vol. 1, Chapter 7, Registration Forms) and Lexis

Blue Sky Regulation, Sowards & Hirsch. Available on Lexis

Blue Sky Law Reporter: State Blue Sky Laws, Legal Investment Laws, Regulations, Forms, Lists. CCH and WestlawSee Forms List for each state, including address and phone number for ordering forms. 

Federal Securities Law Reporter. Westlaw and CCH.

Manual of Corporate Forms for Securities Practice, Jacobs. KF1437 .J3 and Westlaw.

Securities Law Techniques, Lexis.

Securities Litigation: Forms & Analysis, Alston & Bird LLP. KF1437 .S535. (see vol. 2, white tab - Index to Forms at the end) and Westlaw

Securities Regulation Forms, Rice. KF1437 .S45 and Westlaw.

Separation Agreements (see Family Law)


Fundamentals of Sports Law, Champion. KF3989 .C47 and Westlaw

Essentials of Sports Law, Wong. KF 4166 .W66. See Exhibits throughout the text. 

Sports Law in a Nutshell, Champion. KF3989.Z9 C48. See Appendices.


International Sports Law and Business, Wise. K3702 .W57. See Exhibits at end of text.


To find form books for a particular state, run a keyword search in the catalog using the state and the word forms. For example, Virginia forms.



IRS Forms & Publications 

RIA Checkpoint

McGaffey Legal Forms with Tax AnalysisWestlaw

Partnerships and Joint Ventures Involving Tax-Exempt Organizations, Sanders. KF1388 .S26 1994. See Appendix for sample and IRS forms.

Tax Planning for Family Wealth Transfers: Analysis with Forms, Zaritsky. Available on Westlaw


U.S. International Tax Forms Manual, Tilton. Available on Westlaw.

Timesharing (see Real Estate)

Trademark (see Intellectual Property)

Trade Secrets (see Intellectual Property)

Trusts (see Wills, Trusts, & Estates)


Uniform Commercial Code (see also Business)

See general form books for sections on U.C.C. forms. For a specific state, run a keyword search the catalog using the state and the word forms. For example, Virginia forms.

Uniform Laws Annotated. KF165 .A5 and WestlawSee Vols. 4 - 5, Uniform Commercial Code Forms and Materials. 

Forms and Procedures Under the Uniform Commercial Code, Hart. KF885 .B45 and Lexis.



Wills, Trusts, and Estates

Estate Planning & Probate Form Finder. Available on Westlaw.

Wilkins on Drafting Wills and Trust Agreements. KF748.1 .W55. See vol. 3, Tables & Index for numerical table of forms.

Page on the Law of Wills, Including Probate, Will Contests, Evidence, Taxation, Conflicts, Estate Planning, Forms, and Statutes Relating to Wills. KF755 .P35. See vol. 7, Forms. Also on Lexis.

Bogert's Trusts and Trustees. KF730 .B63  and WestlawSee Forms volumes, sections 1031-1180 and 1181-End, Index to Forms on page 593.

Revocable Trusts, Turner. KF734 .T87 and WestlawSee appendices.

Family Estate Planning Guide, Hoops. WestlawSee appendices.

Tax Planning for Family Wealth Transfers: Analysis with Forms, Zaritsky. WestlawSee end of chapters for sample forms.

Wills, Trusts & Estates: A Practitioner's Handbook, Bar Association of the District of Columbia. KF755 .A65 W54. See List of Forms, page viii and Index of Forms (blue tab).

Maryland Estate Planning, Will Drafting, and Estate Administration Forms: Practice, Barr. KFM1340 .A65 B37