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Constitutional Law and History Research Guide

This guide covers sources that are useful for researching Constitutional law and Constitutional history.

Judicial Interpretation of the Constitution

There are various approaches to interpreting the U.S. Constitution, some of which are textualism, originalism, structuralism and contextualism.

Since the literature regarding the various modes for interpretation is voluminous, a useful resource to consult is Shelley L. Dowling's The Jurisprudence of United States Constitutional Interpretation: An Annotated Bibliography (also available online). This comprehensive bibliography provides annotations to more than 900 document collections, treatises, textbooks, articles and electronic resources on the topic of constitutional interpretation. 

Constitutional Law for a Changing America. Rights, Liberties, and Justice
Examine the Supreme Court's interpretation of the basic liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and subsequent amendments to the Constitution. Assesses recent rulings on affirmative action, privacy, and regulation of the Internet, war and terrorism, and the government's authority to restrict civil rights.

For an overview of the various approaches for constitutional interpretation, consult: 

Constitutional Interpretation: The Basic Questions (also available online) and 

Constitutional Fate: Theory of the Constitution (also available online).


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Constitutional law -- United States -- Interpretation and construction
Constitutional law -- United States -- Philosophy
Law -- United States -- Interpretation and construction
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