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Olympics and International Sports Law Research Guide

This guide is for researching the legal aspects of the Olympic Games. General international sports law resources are also included.

Selected Books on the Olympics & International Sports Law

To locate additional books on the Olympics and international sports law, search in the Library catalog using keywords. The publications listed below are only a starting point for your research.

  • Arbitral and Disciplinary Rules of International Sports Organisations INTL K 3702 .A73 2001
    Handy collection of rules from various organizations, however, we suggest checking the website for each sport organization for updated rules information.
  • Arbitration at the Olympics : Issues of Fast-Track Dispute Resolution and Sports Law INTL K3702 .K38 2001
    Specifically discusses the CAS ad hoc divisions which are set up to quickly settle disputes within 24 hours at the Olympics.
  • Court of Arbitration for Sport 1984-2004 INTL K3702.C682 2006
    A collection of essays examining various aspects of the court upon its twentieth anniversary.
  • The European Union and Sport: Legal and Policy Documents INTL KJE6063 .E97 2005
    Starting with the Walrave judgment in 1974, this book contains legal and policy texts for the European Union, regarding sports law. The texts are arranged by themes and chronologically listed within each theme.
  • Handbook on International Sports Law INTL K3702.H36 2011
    A thorough introduction to international sports law with an extra focus on the IOC, other international sports federations, and the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Attention is given to litigation of disputes, especially those that arise from doping and gambling.
  • International Sports Law INTL K3702 .N34 2004
    Great introduction to this topic and provides information on all the various elements and organizations. Also discusses doping, violence, and boycotts.
  • Transnational Law of Sports INTL K3702 .T73 2013
    A comprehensive collection of essays from leading academics on the relatively new field of sports law. Topics range from political boycotts to doping of athletes, corruptions, and broadcast rights, among others. There is an emphasis on the Olympics and other affiliated sports federations.
  • Introduction to International and European Sports Law: Capita Selecta INTL K3702.S54 2012
    This treatise focuses on the EU and international sports arenas. Among its many topics are doping, boycotts, selling of TV rights, and a lengthy discussion of football (soccer).
  • Mediating Sports Disputes : National and International Perspectives INTL K3702 .B53 2002
    A useful introduction to the issues of arbitration and mediation within sports. Some discussion of foreign jurisdictions.
  • The Law of the Olympic Games K3702.M47 2009
    Provides an historical overview of the rules and institutions of the Games. Some basic documents are also included.
  • Strict Liability Principle and the Human Rights of Athletes in Doping Cases INTL K3702.S64 2006
    This publications specifically addresses the legal position of the athlete when accused of doping. Definitions, sanctions, and due process are a few of the areas discussed.
  • Athletic Enhancement, Human Nature and Ethics: Threats and Opportunities of Doping Technologies RC1230 .A84 2013
    Various intellectuals weigh in on doping in international sports; the reasons and implications.
  • A Guide to the World Anti-Doping Code: A Fight for the Spirit of Sport INTL
    RC1230 .D38 2013
    This book covers the ever-evolving international sports doping law, with a focus on the code after its recent 2009 revisions. It contains more than 40 summaries of recent doping cases.