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Olympics and International Sports Law Research Guide

This guide is for researching the legal aspects of the Olympic Games. General international sports law resources are also included.

Olympian Fashions - Why the Norwegian Curlers are the Best

While the U.S. will attend the Opening Ceremonies looking like they're wearing gloves they borrowed from their dads (to say nothing about the cultural appropriation), the Norwegian Curling Team will once again show the world why they should win all the sartorial awards.

But Norway is also facing their own sartorial issues. Their opening ceremony sweaters were designed to evoke visions of Vikings. The problem? Neo Nazis are trying to adopt one of the featured elements on the design - the Tyr rune. Just another example of Nazis ruining everything for the rest of us.

Providing a much-need salve from cultural appropriation of Native Americans and Neo Nazis, our favorite Tongan from Rio is back and as shirtless as ever. Truly, the Olympics are the gift that keeps giving.