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Olympics and International Sports Law Research Guide

This guide is for researching the legal aspects of the Olympic Games. General international sports law resources are also included.



Along with the FIFA World Cup, the Olympic Games are the world's most recognized international sporting event. Started in ancient Greece, the Olympic Games were revived in modern times in 1896 and occur every four years. This guide is provided as an aid in researching the structure and legal aspects of the Olympic Movement. This will also encompass general international sports law resources as connected to the Olympics. We also provide a Sports Law Research Guide for those seeking assistance with U.S. sports law.

Key Olympics Web Sites

These essential sites provide current news and information on the Games.

  • International Olympic Committee
    The IOC is the authoritative body of the Olympic Movement.
    This is the official web site of the Olympic Movement with brief explanations of the commissions and committees. Use the timeline feature to select previous Olympic games with photos, facts, and information on the athletes.
  • PyeyongChang 2018
    The official site of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. The 2020 Summer Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo.

Update History

Updated June 2012 (EC)

Updated Feb. 2014 (hec)