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International and Foreign Cyberspace Law Research Guide

This guide covers resources on cyberspace law where issues encompass the Internet, cybercrime, privacy and ecommerce. Cyberspace law can incorporate aspects of comparative, international and foreign law

Getting Started with Secondary Sources

If you are new to international cyberspace law, or are unfamiliar with a particular aspect thereof, start your research with a secondary source.  In addition to providing background information, analysis, and commentary, secondary sources can help you to identify relevant primary law materials, such as treaties, national legislation, and case law.

The right-hand column includes a selection of basic introductory resources.  Listed below are resources that offer a broad overview of the commercial, legal or security aspects of international cyberspace law.  Use the menu displayed to the left to access secondary sources focusing on narrower topics.

Broad Overviews: Commercial Aspects

Broad Overviews: Legal Aspects

Broad Overviews: Security Aspects

Basic Introductions