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International Anti-Corruption Law Research Guide

This research guide is about international anti-corruption

Background Sources

The law library has many materials on corruption law and the titles below are meant only as a starting point. To locate more resources, search the online catalog using keywords to narrow your search results. For example, < corruption transnational > or < money laundering >.

  • Anti-Corruption Services: Good Practice in Europe INTL KJC9015 .A97 2003
    Presented in this text is a conceptual framework that nations can use to create anti-corruption services. This work also profiles the anti-corruption services in 18 European countries.
  • Criminal Enterprise: Individuals, Organisations and Criminal Responsibility availableonline (Georgetown Law Only)
    Presented in this work is a legal, ethical and sociological analysis of who is held responsible and why. Presented in the global context are the roles of nations, organizations and individuals.
  • Organized Crime Legislation in the European Union: Harmonization and Approximation of Criminal Law, National Legislations and the EU Framework Decision on the Fight Against Organized Crime INTL KJC7975 .C35 2010
    This work presents an overview of national and EU legislation on organized crime. In addition, there are tables, graphs and maps that help illustrate the level of harmonization in criminal law among EU member states.
  • Palermo in the Pacific: Organised Crime Offences in the Asia Pacific Region INTL KNC974 .S35 2010
    Reviewed in this work are the laws that punish criminal organizations. This work focuses on four major organized crime offences: conspiracy, participation, enterprise and labeling /registration. The work compares how these offences are defined in the Convention against Transnational Crime, Convention against Transnational Organised Crime, US RICO Act and by jurisdictions throughout the world.
  • Transnational Organized Crime: a Commentary on the UN Convention and its ProtocolsINTL K5240 .M38 2007
    This work presents a legal commentary on every article in the UN Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime and its two protocols. In addition, there is information on the negotiations that helped create this convention.