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International and Foreign Animal Law Research Guide

This guide helps researchers locate information on animal law in an international and foreign law context focusing on law that addresses welfare issues of companion animals, farm animals and animals used in research.

E.U. Directives and Regulations

An excellent source to check for current issues and proposed EU legislation on animal law is the European Commission's Directorate-General for Health and Consumer Protection. For example, there is a section on Animal Welfare which provides an excellent starting point for knowing which agencies are responsible for which type of legislation and enforcement. There are also surveys of public opinion and policy objectives. On the DG's site you can find, for example, the proposed regulation on the banning of the import, export and sale of dog and cat fur in the EU.

For more EU legislation on animal protection, see this list from EUR-Lex. [Hint: EUR-Lex is the top online source for researching existing EU legislation, while †IL, the Legislative Observatoryand Pre-Lex are two places to search for proposed law.] See our research guide on the EU for more detailed information

Below are some of the key EU directives on farming animals, transport and animal experimentation. Be sure to update your research!

Farm Animals