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International and Foreign Animal Law Research Guide

This guide helps researchers locate information on animal law in an international and foreign law context focusing on law that addresses welfare issues of companion animals, farm animals and animals used in research.

Background Sources

Books on international animal law and related interdisciplinary topics can be found in several places in both Wolff and Williams. If you would like to browse books in Wolff, you can find them at K3620, K3520 to K3525, and KD3424. See our U.S. -focused animal guide for suggestions on locating books in Williams.

Below are some good starting points, but to locate more resources, search the online catalog using keywords to narrow your search results. For example or . You may find some books that focus specifically on international animal law, while others may only include one or two relevant chapters.

  • Animal Welfare INTL HV4711.A55 2006
    This is published by the Council of Europe as part of a series called Ethical Eye and examines the ethical issues, religious viewpoints (from around the world) and the situation in Europe.
  • Animal Welfare Law in Britain : Regulation and Responsibility INTL KD3424 .R33 2001
    Though a little dated ( laws and regulations have been amended) this presents the background and analysis of key animal welfare law and legislation such as agricultural production, scientific procedures, and domestic pets.
  • Animals, Ethics, and Trade : The Challenge of Animal Sentience HV4704.A52 2006 Includes several chapters on animal welfare issues in China, one on India and a section on international animal policy.
  • Animals in Islamic Tradition and Muslim Cultures INTL BP134.N3 F65 2006
    A general overview of Muslim and Islamic attitudes and philosophies throughout time to the present on such topics as wildlife conservation and religious laws on food.
  • Basic Legal Documents on International Animal Welfare and Wildlife Conservation
    INTL K3525.A35 B37 2000
    International, regional, European Union and by use of the animal agreements are grouped together along with some brief annotations and ratification information.
  • Compassionate Beasts : The Quest for Animal Rights HV4764 .M86 2001
    Includes the chapter "Multi-Issue Advocacy in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia".
  • In Defense of Animals : The Second Wave HV4711 .I6 2006
    Includes the chapter "How Austria Achieved a Historic Breakthrough for Animals".
  • The international handbook of animal abuse and cruelty : theory, research, and application INTL HV4708 .I57 2008
    Covers a wide range of jurisdictions (Australia, Japan, Italy) as well as human animal relationships (domestic violence , child development, hoarding).
  • Livestock, Ethics, and Quality of Life SF140.S62 L58 2000 Includes chapters on Asia, Latin America and Africa.
  • The no-nonsense guide to animal rights HV4708 .G73 2006
    An accessible introduction to a general history of animal rights in the West, plus a chapter comparing the treatment of animals world wide with an appendix at the end which list the major regional and international organization concerned with animal welfare.
  • The WTO, Animals and PPMs INTL K3620 .N54 2007
    Though more focused on the process and production methods (PPMs) in the international trade context there is a chapter on animal welfare.