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Guide to Constitution Day

This guide points to resources available in commemoration of Constitution Day, September 17th.


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Web Sites

American Bar Association's Conversations on the Constitution

The Topic Starter Resouces link to numerous websites on such topics as search and seizure, separation of powers and advice and consent.

American Constitution Society for Law and Policy

Includes a blog covering everything from the Bill of Rights to judicial nominations. Their "Constitution in the Classroom" section focuses on Constitution Day resources.

Constitution Facts

Test your Constitution IQ on this website with fascinating facts, dates to remember and the text of our Constitution in 11 other languages, including Arabic and Chinese.

The Constitution Project

"The Constitution Project seeks consensus solutions to difficult legal and constitutional issues through constructive dialogue across ideological and partisan lines, and through scholarship, activism, and public education efforts."

The Founder's Constitution

This online version of a book originally published in 1986 by the University of Chicago Press allows for keyword searching and provides indexes to Cases and Constitutional Provisions.

Interactive Constitution

The National Constitution Center presents this interactice site, which allows users to search by keyword, browse by keyword topics and search the text of the Constitution by Supreme Court cases.

Justice Learning, by the Annenberg Classroom

The Constitution Guide investigates the meaning of each article of the Constitution in a "What it Says and What it Means" format. An extensive interactive timeline of the ratification process is included.

Library of Congress ‹ The Constitution

Link to articles on Constitutional Interpretation, Executive Privilege, Military Tribunals, National Secutiry and other consitutional issues in this Library of Congress guide. Additionally, the personal papers of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and George Washington are part of the Library of Congress's extensive Primary Documents in American History collection and provide a unique insight into the formation of the nation and the Constitution.

National Constitution Center's Constitution Day resources

The National Constitution Center is an independent, non-partisan, and non-profit organization dedicated to increasing public understanding of, and appreciation for, the Constitution, its history, and its contemporary relevance. This site compiles numerous interactive quizzes and various other resources on the Constitution.

National Archives - Constitution resources

As the repository of the original Constitution, the National Archives maintains an extensive website of Constitution trivia, facts and an in-depth look at the Constitutional Convention and the ratification process.

Interactive Constitution