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Guide to Constitution Day

This guide points to resources available in commemoration of Constitution Day, September 17th.


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Georgetown University Law Library has an extensive collection of books on the Constitution, its history and interpretation.

To locate books on the history of the Constitution, begin by doing a subject search using the phrase: 
United States -- Constitutional history

To locate Constitutional Law casebooks, use the subject search:
Constitutional Law United States Cases

Here are just a few resources to start your research on the Constitution:

American Constitutional Law, by Laurence H. Tribe KF4549 .T7
Legal treatise providing analysis of constitutional law and policy. Provides references to treatises, law review articles, the U.S. Code, and Supreme Court cases. Coverage includes: separation and division of powers; federal judicial, executive and legislative power; congressional authority and the implications of state sovereignty; union-preserving aspects of federalism.

The Constitution of the United States of America : Analysis and Interpretation: (2016 edition): analysis of cases decided by the Supreme Court of the United States to July 1, 2014 / prepared by the Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress ; Johnny H. Killian, George A. Costello, Kenneth R. Thomas, editors.

Encyclopedia of the American Constitution, ed. by Leonard W. Levy and Kenneth Karst KF4548 .E53
This six volume set is available both in print and online and provides an encyclopedic look at all aspects of the Constitution, including a chronology of the birth of the Constitution and important events in the development of American Constitutional Law. A glossary and case index are included.

Modern Constitutional Law, by Chester James Antieau KF4550 .A75
Legal treatise providing analysis of modern constitutional law. Issues covered include religion; the first amendment; privacy; private property, freedom of enterprise; freedom of contract; equal protection; civil and criminal justice; states and the federal government; federalism; separation of powers; and constitutional litigation.

Treatise on Constitutional Law: Substance and Procedure, by Ronald D. Rotunda and John Nowak
KF4550 .R63
Legal treatise providing up-to-date analysis of every area of federal constitutional law. Focus is primarily on the Supreme Court. Coverage includes: origins of judicial review; sources of national authority; federal fiscal powers; procedural due process; and equal protection.

The U.S. Constitution A to Z, by Robert L. Maddex KF4548 .M33
Congressional Quarterly publishes this overview of the Constitution which provides simple explanations of the Constitution's history, brief biographies of members of the Constitutional Convention and relevant case law.